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LONDON, United Kingdom — Premier online retailer Rêve En Vert is driving awareness of how consumers think about the fashion and beauty industry to promote a more ethical way of living.

Launched in 2013 by Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker, the e-commerce site delivers sustainable style for consumers who don’t want to sacrifice style for ethics. Working exclusively with sustainable brands and designers, the brand’s ethos rests on 4 pillars: Organic, Re-made, Local and Fair.

Boasting a growing roster of eco-activewear and organic beauty brands, the site currently stocks goods from Yoga Democracy, Pamela Love, Bamford and Grown Alchemist organic beauty. All of the designers featured on the site operate their businesses with respect for people and the planet.

“Sustainability has never been more important in all aspects of life, but I believe the fashion industry has always been a leader in movements and should be at the forefront of this change,” explained Cora Hilts, co-founder of Rêve En Vert.

“Rêve En Vert places ethos and aesthetics of equal importance so consumers don’t have to sacrifice style for ethics.”

Aside from delivering long-lasting fashion consumers can feel good about, Rêve En Vert is also committed to its own green practices. The team is dedicated to developing more sustainable packaging, aftercare instructions and efficient means of product delivery.

Described by Vogue (US) as being a “source for chic, sustainable fashion and beauty gifts” and with both Hilts and Tucker named in Forbes 2015 30 Under 30 list, the brand is already causing a stir.

On a mission to fill what Hilts and Tucker describe as a “noticeable gap in the market,” the duo argue that consumer demand for ethical and sustainable retail options is growing and that multi-brand online retailers are yet to take full advantage of the trend.

Currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign via CrowdCube, the pair hope to raise £350,000 to use for marketing, PR and inventory in order to grow the business and engage with the rising number of consumers who want to shop sustainably and ethically.

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