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LONDON, United Kingdom — TENZING, an all natural energy drink with a Himalayan twist is leveraging the shift away from high sugar, artificial beverages by creating a ‘cleaner’ functional alternative.

The carefully crafted drink, which features six ingredients; green coffee, guarana, beet sugar, Himalayan rock salt, green tea and lemon juice, claims to provide the same benefits as many of the synthetic energy drinks currently on the market.

Inspired by the traditional energising brew that the Himalayan Sherpa’s drank to fuel their expeditions on Mount Everest, its performance enhancing ingredients are both stimulating and re-hydrating.

Huib Van Bockel, the entrepreneur behind the innovative brand, spent eight years working as the UK and European Marketing Director for Red Bull before realising that there was a gap in the market to provide people with an all-natural, low sugar energy drink.

Having teamed up with sports medicine expert, Dr. Michael Sagner M.D, he was able to create a unique blend of ingredients and ensure that the beverage contained the optimum level of sugar, for a 100% natural boost of energy. Because the product only contains 5% sugar, it works to provide a positive lift with no negative side effects.

According to Sagner, “normally energy drinks tend to either be laden with sugar or artificial sweeteners,” which can cause adverse side effects.

“Developing new and more balanced drinks is the way of the future,” he argues.

Currently available in the UK, across a range of premium health stores, as well as Selfridges, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Nuffield Health, Tesco and Holland & Barrett, the brand has long term aspirations to expand into the rest of Europe and the US.

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