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LONDON, United Kingdom — Turf Games; a fitness concept encouraging individuals to compete in teams across a series of workouts is London’s first functional fitness and team-based immersive competition, designed to unite the capital’s fitness community.

Launched in 2017, the inaugural event saw 30 male participants compete in teams of five over a series of three workouts hosted by various fitness studios. The brainchild of Andy Manteit, Co-Founder of activewear retailers Active In Style and The Active Man, the event was initially set up to connect with the male fitness community, and boost the visibility of The Active Man brand. It aims to ‘mirror the camaraderie of sport, but in a fitness environment’.

Speaking about the games, Manteit said: “I wanted to create something where everyday people, like myself, who work out, lift weights and stay fit can work towards a competitive event.”

And so, Turf Games 2.0, which took place earlier this year, consisted of the same competitive format, but with 100 mixed gendered competitors. The inclusion of female athletes created a community where both men and women were able to train and compete together, encouraging the fitness sector to break down barriers and cultivate an inclusive environment.

Having successfully brought together a tribe of athletes from across the fitness industry, for its third incarnation, the event is opening its doors to everyone.

This June, teams will be able to compete across five different workout stations in two separate arenas. The competition will be supported by a festival atmosphere, including a food and drinks village, health and fitness exhibitors, a DJ and more. The festival will be the first of its kind to house a mix of functional, athletic and competitive sports all under one roof.

“There are CrossFit competitions but many of the exercises mean they’re not accessible to all. There are running competitions or cycling but they are relatively solitary and there is nothing for the everyday gym goer,” argues Manteit.

With Turf Games, he hopes to build a mixed-gender community where “guys and girls across all levels of fitness can lift, run, flip, press and jump to try and outdo the competition.”

Taking place on 9th June at Rosslyn Park. Over 70 teams and 300 athletes have already signed up to compete, with London-based fitness studio operators including Core Collective, Third Space, Gymbox and KXU all hosting arenas.

Spectators are invited to come along and support the athletes over the course of the day.

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