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LONDON, United Kingdom – Innovative UK nutrition startup VITL is on a mission to improve people’s lives with the introduction of its latest service; a free-to-use, interactive wellbeing assessment powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Driven by the belief that health shouldn’t be a hassle, the London-based company has created the cutting-edge, in-app technology to keep nutritional needs in check at the touch of a button.

“Everyone has a different genetic makeup and leads individual lifestyles,” explained VITL founder Jonathan Relph.

“Without the help of a personal nutritionist, determining how best to address your specific nutritional needs can be difficult, confusing and costly. With VITL’s new service we hope to bring similar insight but without the cost.”

Seeking to resolve this issue, VITL’s new, revolutionary in-app technology combines advice from world class experts with AI, to make personalised nutritional advice accessible to all.

Powered by VITL’s internally named AI engine LANA (Live & Adaptive Nutritional Advisor), which encapsulates the combined knowledge of VITL’s leading panel of health experts, this unique software assesses the user’s nutritional status via a live digital consultation.

In real-time the engine then formulates a score for the user in the following five key pillars of health; digestion, energy, mood, immune system and antioxidant status, completely free of charge.

This data is used to formulate a fully personalised nutrition plan, with the latest advice and health tips relevant to that particular user delivered through the app. In addition, a bespoke, individually formulated vitamin pack designed to target the user’s unique nutritional needs, is delivered straight to their door.

The user can then track changes in their health via the app, which will continue to provide the latest studies and advice, as well as follow-up assessments to adapt the user’s nutrition plan to their progress.

VITL is already working on integrating data from DNA, other diagnostics tests and wearable devices to provide a more in-depth insight for the user.

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VITL launches pocket nutritionist app

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