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LONDON, United Kingdom — Innovative health tech company Joylux has launched the world’s first at-home medical device to use a combination of light energy, thermal heat and therapeutic vibration, to restore the overall health of the pelvic floor.

The latest addition to the growing number of products and services aimed at enhancing sexual wellness and restoring intimate health, known as “Femtec”’ or “sextech”, the vSculpt claims to help women take control of their personal wellbeing.

The brainchild of high-tech beauty executive and first-time mum Colette Courtion, the vScuplt was designed in partnership with obstetricians and gynecologists and included input from over 2,300 women who shared insights into their own intimate health problems and what they wanted in a home-use solution.

After more than three years of development, extensive testing and clinical studies, the device was created by combining light energy with thermal heat and sonic vibration to create a simple solution. Enabling women to gain control and confidence, the vSculpt has been clinically validated to improve stress incontinence, strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, and regenerate the vaginal tissue in as few as 45 days, leading to a better quality of life.

Realising the importance of maintaining the health of her own pelvic floor after becoming a mother, vSculpt Founder Colette Courtion was surprised by the lack of options on the market. As a former beauty executive, she spent a great deal of time working with anti-aging technologies for the face, which she says led her to her ‘aha moment’ of creating a device for the pelvic floor by applying these same scientific principles.

“Just as women choose products to help postpone the noticeable effects of aging on their facial skin, they can now do the same for the muscles and tissue of their pelvic floor, helping them feel younger, from the inside out,” she explained.

With so many pieces to the sexual wellbeing puzzle, according to Spafinder, the opportunities for brands to cater to the growing market are great.

Like Joylux, health devices and products that can transform women’s intimate health and empower women them to live their best lives will lead the way.

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