Ep27. Sandra Greenbank on Creating a Legacy

This week on EXPERTS, we’re joined by Sandra Greenbank. Sandra is a leader in fertility nutrition and has built a phenomenal career as an expert in supporting couples who have struggled to conceive, to do so naturally. 

In this episode, she talks about leaving her career as an accountant to pursue a more fulfilling path – one where she could truly create a legacy. We also talk about how to reverse engineer your big goals, and how Sandra scaled her expert business using courses, education platforms and more recently the launch of the Fertility Nutrition Centre. This is such a practical insight and I know you’re going to learn a lot.

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Episode highlights & key takeaways:

  • Finding your niche and becoming a specialist
  • Why a coach helped Sandra get clarity and direction
  • Multiplying your impact through an online group coaching programme
  • Finding true purpose in your life

Every week Lauren asks her guests 5 quick-fire questions…

  1. What’s one thing you wish you’d known when you started this journey?
    “I wish I would have known that I was going to have to become an entrepreneur.”
  2. What’s one thing you wish you’d done sooner in your business?
    “Get an assistant.”
  3. Why do you do what you do?
    “I just genuinely, honestly, want to help people. I thrive on it. It’s what gives me the energy to get up in the morning, I absolutely love it.”
  4. What’s the best part about your job?

    “So many things. I mean getting that text message to say ‘I’m preregnant’ or ‘we just had a baby, thank you for everything. It wouldn’t have been possible without you’. It makes me cry every single time.

    Also, seeing practitioners grow. it’s just amazing to feel like you’re doing something to improve the life for one person, or maybe several people. It’s just lovely. But also I do really enjoy the flexibility and the fact that with the knowledge that I have as a nutritionist I think that you have so much scope to create the life that you want: you can go and stand on stage, get into tv if you want to, or write a book. You can do anything you want you just have to engineer it in a way that suits you, and your personality, and the way you want to live your life.”

  5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
    “Someone who wrote a book once told me: ‘it’s not the best book that could have been written. But I wrote it.’ He said ‘a book published is better than a book in your head.’ Now I’m not about to publish a book, but that’s really stuck with me and my perfection streak. Just do it!”

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