Equilibrium Launches New Flagship Studio In London With Innovative Class Concept


LONDON, United Kingdom — London-based boutique fitness operator Equilibrium has unveiled a brand new flagship location and innovative class concept that it believes will set an industry standard.

Located in Kings Cross, the wellness hub provides clients with a fully rounded, immersive and inclusive wellness offering, evolving Equilibrium from a boutique studio to a lifestyle brand.

The 5,500+ sq ft location offers the brand’s new EQ class concept — a unique class boasting two expert trainers at its helm (one teaching and one correcting form), training the total body with precision technique.

As well as two studios dedicated to bespoke personal training and group fitness classes, the flagship plays host to a cafe, juice bar and smoothie shack, wellness concepts including breath workshops, a multi-brand retail offering, shared workspaces and a unique digital platform – giving each class member the ability to personalise their workout in advance.

“Fitness is so much more than just a workout, it is a constantly evolving machine, one we are finely tuned into and we are at the heart of its evolution,” commented Co-Founders Niko Algieri, Jay Brockway.

“We have tapped into people’s passion points, got under their skin to understand exactly what it is they want – to understand the full fitness and wellness picture, not just the workout element. People want variety, they want to be inspired, to be pushed and they want to discover. So, we are creating this, all under one roof, helping anyone who visits us to be a much more rounded and knowledgeable fitness machine than ever before,” they added.

The brainchild of brother duo Jay Brockway and Niko Algieri, and Managing Director Hannah Lanel, Equilibrium first launched in Holland Park, London, in 2015. Having steadily built a loyal customer base, today the studio’s classes are so popular they regularly amass a waitlist, so a second larger studio was a natural progression.

Having spent the last two years designing, testing and perfecting, what they believe to be the missing piece of the boutique market puzzle, with the new studio Brockway and Algieri hope they will change the way fitness classes are delivered across the city.

“We firmly believe that fitness contributes more to life than just our physical attributes, but rather it affects our emotional wellbeing, ability to learn, focus and even our capacity to make and manage relationships,” Lanel told Welltodo.

“By encompassing the whole human with our unique training methods, we are not only building bodies with solid foundations and athletic physiques but also impenetrable minds. The new Equilibrium also goes beyond the studio, we have set ourselves apart from all other offerings by breaking down the barriers to physical and mental wellbeing by creating a space which will cater to the pressures of everyday life, all in the comfort and security of one, inclusive space.”

According to Algieri, in response to today’s social media savvy, multi-modality attending consumers, fitness operators have been forced to adapt. “Everyone has shifted their allegiance to themselves,” he commented.

“They want to develop health not just physically but also mentally. They want to eat the most optimal food to move their body at full capacity, be strong, flexible and fast and at the same time have a stress-free mind. So now the client will attend a TRX class, the next day do yoga, followed by a HIIT class mid-week capped off with a meditation seminar to work on breathing and mindfulness.”

Equilibrium plans to address this, by offering a ‘whole human’ approach to wellness that looks after the body and the mind, whilst making wellness accessible to all.

Equilibrium Launches New Flagship Studio In London With Innovative Class Concept

Image: Equilibrium

In addition, with a new group fitness concept that he argues is the only class in the UK with a clear aim to work the body across all three planes of movement, the brand aims to fill a gap in the market — one he believes is being ignored by other gym classes and boutiques.

“Our group fitness concept shifts the focus away from a generation of ‘sweat and leave it on the floor’ to that of technique. We have created a technically driven, intense and challenging, 30-person concept with two highly-qualified trainers at the helm, he explained.

It will also be the first group workout to deliver an elevated personalised experience. Via a pre-class check-in system, participants will be encouraged to share personal and medical information prior to attending the class. According to Algieri, this allows the trainers to deliver a safe, physically challenging, efficient and exciting workout that not only tests all elements of fitness but provides a thoughtfully customised and intimate experience.

“We think the industry as a whole is going through a series of very positive changes right now. We’ve seen two major shifts, firstly in people’s attitude to wellness and secondly in the way people use gyms/boutiques,” said Algieri.

“People are demanding help to facilitate their access to wellness across every level. And as more people demand wellness services that effortlessly weave into their own way of life, we also believe that those providing physical, mental and occupational wellbeing will spur others to shake off the shackles of a compartmentalized approach and allow wellness to grow into a credible and stable industry.”

With the launch of its new studio, Equilibrium is stepping up to the plate to make that happen.


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