Every Second Counts Bursts Onto The Men’s Fitness Fashion Scene


With the women’s boutique fitness fashion industry alive and thriving with options for every kind of eco-friendly, feminist, or first-time wellness warrior, it’s time for the guys to have a turn: enter the Every Second Counts new range. It combines luxe attire with functionality to make sure, as their name suggests, that every second counts.

The brand is a nod to our multi-faceted lives: no longer are we just a lawyer, journalist or business(wo)man. ESC aims to “take you from the gym to your daily life in a second”. So with the launch of a bold new mens activewear collection, the days of boys wearing their old school jerseys and cotton t-shirts to the gym are over.

Every Second Counts’ founder, Sally Dixon, had already spent 17 years in the fashion industry before she launched ESC, and combined her creativity with a love of fitness.

The no-fuss design of Sally’s latest collection included innovative features such as four-way stretch and mesh panels for maximum ventilation. It allows ultimate capacity and comfort for your workout. The masculine aesthetic of block greys and blacks are broken up with bold fluro yellows to preserve the simplicity without compromising on style.

Every Second Counts Mens Collection

The collection is split into three different lines – Spectrum, Seamless, and Luxe – to ensure variety in feel and look in every aspect. With specialised focus on different areas of exercise, such as the Sprint Shorts and Tee, the range makes it easy to go from zero to a hundred and back again without a change of clothes.

Whilst the plentiful world of women’s fitness fashion isn’t going anywhere, Every Second Counts new range makes sure the boys aren’t left out in the cold in the best way possible.

Check out the full collection at www.everysecondcounts.co.uk

Every Second Counts Mens Collection




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