Exclusive: VINAYA Unveil The World’s First Wearable For Emotional Wellbeing


LONDON, United Kingdom Design Studio and research lab VINAYA has announced the launch of the world’s first wearable combining mind and body metrics for emotional wellbeing.

ZENTA is a cutting edge smart wristband with built in biometric sensors, helps the wearer to better understand their own behavioural patterns and emotions. It is an evolution of VINAYA’s first product range, ALTRUIS which took the wearable market by storm with its incredibly unique jewellery-like aesthetic.

Creating a new lexicon for emotional expression, ZENTA marks the first step in the transformation of wearables.

“With the invention of the ALTRUIS, we were able to provide people with a less tech-centric life. We were so proud of the psychological freedom the ALTRUIS allowed that we then began thinking how can we further help people manage their busy lives?” VINAYA co-founder Kate Unsworth told Welltodo.

“We realised the best way to monitor your emotions and stress levels is to understand them first, so our lab began doing research projects, ethnographic studies, and neurological analyses. And just like that the concept of the ZENTA was devised.”

Image: ZENTA

Image: ZENTA

Giving the user access to wellness insights collated from all aspects of their life, including social media, calendar and location, ZENTA and its accompanying app, can approximate the user’s emotional state. The more it is worn, the more accurate it gets, as the machine learning algorithms build up a profile and help the wearer understand which triggers from their daily life and surroundings have the most impact on them.

Receiving personalised insights from the app at moments most helpful to the wearer, they can use them to build new habits and make improvements to their lifestyle.

Encouraging a new emotional language, ZENTA is pioneering a new generation of wearables, where physiological cues such as heart rate variability, electrodermal activity and blood oxygen levels can be used to approximate happiness, stress, activity and productivity levels.

The first of its kind, Unsworth hopes that the technology’s ability to share the user’s emotional state with those close to them, will expand the opportunities to talk about things like mental health which often gets pushed to the sidelines.

Holistic in its approach, as with the ALTRIUS, the ZENTA is designed to look like jewelry so the technology fades into the background, a design Unsworth argues will be at the forefront of  wearables moving forward.

“I see the future of the wearable market featuring more models that allow people to focus on actual life experiences,” she told Welltodo.

“The wearable needs to break free from the smartphone realm if it wants to be valuable in and of itself. It needs to seamlessly integrate into everyday life, just as the smartphone currently is,” she added.

Overall though, Unsworth argues that for wearables to have longevity, the brands making them need to display genuine concern for the daily lives and challenges of their consumers.

And for VINAYA? They’ll be the brand examining just how technology is impacting the human condition and actively trying to get people back to a place of screen-free serenity.

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