Expert Advice: Do You Really Need A Facial To Get The Glow?

Do you really need a facial? For some, it simply goes without question – at regular 6 week intervals. For others, facials just aren’t something that we tend to think about – or schedule for that matter. So, is it essential? We asked some of London’s best facialists for the 101.

Grace Belgravia is now home to an exciting new bespoke treatment: the QMS facial. The team of experts at Grace take an overall holistic approach to skin health, that is, that nutrition and skincare go hand in hand – without one you’ll struggle to have the other.

“In the world of topical treatments it is easy to forget that looking after your skin starts with the food on your plate,” says Henrietta Norton, Nutritional Therapist at Grace, and Founder of Wild Nutrition.

Expert Tip #1: Regardless of whether you opt for a facial, good skin starts on your plate.

That said – the QMS facials are truly excellent at achieving everything a facial should: relaxation, rejuvenating the moisture in the skin, and improving your skin’s elasticity and appearance. The QMS facial is based on the innovative and scientifically driven work of Dr. Erich Schulte – a respected surgeon and known for groundbreaking progress in skincare.

Expert Tip #2: If you’re going to go for a facial, make sure you do your research.

When it comes to skincare, going for the pricier end will always be much more worth your while. Less is more! Even the skeptics amongst us were singing this treatment’s praises (particularly multiple “are you wearing makeup? Your skin looks incredible!”s later).

The QMS facial focuses on that big C word: collagen. It’s what keeps your skin young and supple, and it’s the key ingredient in the bespoke facials that are made up according to your skin type. Grace doesn’t rely purely on facials to keep your skin healthy, no matter how much money you spend on skincare it’s unlikely to get the effect you want if your diet hasn’t made the groundwork already. In other words – it’s a brilliant facial but it’s not a miracle worker.

Expert Tip #3: Nutrition and facials work in tandem.

We then headed off to a very different facial: the Ink Aesthetics facial in Mayfair, which works with one of our favourite superfood secrets: Baobab.

Similarly to Grace, Ink Aesthetics takes the view that nutrition and facials should work in tandem, as a kind of balancing act for your skin.

The treatment includes a deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, crystal healing massage, and of course the antioxidant rich Baobab mask. Baobab, the main ingredient, is a tree native to Africa, Madagascar, Australia and Arabia, with everything else also being 100% natural and ethically sourced.

Expert Tip #4: Facials will replenish your skin, in a way you can’t achieve at home.

Founder and facialist Nicole Albarelli created the treatment to replenish your skin, but also to support your diet and health. The treatment includes a smoothie – with baobab, naturally. Your facialist will chat to you about your skin type, any issues you have with your skin, as well as your diet, and how you should integrate baobab for the week following your treatment.

The verdict on facials? Definitely worth it, our skin has been thanking us every since. The type of facial will depend on your goals, and the type of person you are.

The consensus from both facialists? These treatments can and will do a lot for your skin, but they’ll do a lot more if they’re supplemented by overall good health. Whether you’re a skeptic or not, it’s a total luxury to take an hour to yourself and have a facial – do it for your skin, and do it for yourself.

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