Floatworks Kickstarts Ambitious Expansion With Second London Site


LONDON, United Kingdom — Floatworks, a pioneering floatation experience in London has launched a second site as part of ambitious expansion plans.

The opening of the 6 pod float centre in Angel, Islington coincides with a brand overhaul, which co-founder Ed Hawley says will “capture the essence of floating and align with what customers feel Floatworks and floating means to them.”

The new site launch comes just three years after Hawley and co-founder Chris Plowman joined forces with Tim Strudwick, the creator of world-leading float pod: the i-sopod, to relaunch his Floatworks float centre brand in Vauxhall — throughout that period the ex-city workers say they have developed an even deeper understanding of the benefits of floating, and consumer behaviour towards the wellness practice.

According to Hawley, thanks to the boom in awareness surrounding the mind-body connection,  today consumers are much more informed about the benefits of floating, which has helped the wellness concept to climb the ranks and more closely align itself with meditation, yoga and other mind-body practices.

Floatworks Kickstarts Ambitious Expansion With Second London Site

Image: Floatworks

“It has gone from being fringe to niche to developing awareness in the mainstream,” he tells Welltodo and it’s a trajectory he believes will continue to rise.

Floatworks Vauxhall is at 85% capacity reveals Hawley, and the business has proven itself within London’s thriving wellness market, sparking the emergence of other floatation therapy concepts including Yue Float and 3Tribes.

Additional support from entrepreneur and investor Eric Dunmore, who came on board as the brand’s non-executive Chairman last year, and £750k in convertible loan rates from a handful of private investors, is a testament to the growth in credibility of floating as a wellness practice. And with plenty of scope for Floatworks to continue expanding its reach and capitalise on the billion-dollar mindfulness industry, Angel is just the beginning when it comes to the brand’s expansion plans, says Hawley.

“The short term plan is to operate six centres in London and then once we’ve established ourselves as the leading UK floatation centre we’ll think about exploring a franchise or licensing option to take the brand to even more markets,” he explains. 

Floatworks Kickstarts Ambitious Expansion With Second London Site

Image: Floatworks

To support that vision, the startup will look to complete another fundraising round in October.

“We feel we’ve got a really good grasp on how to do this now and we’re working towards a big vision that excites us, so we’re in a great position,” Hawley tells Welltodo.

“But for now we’re focusing on getting the new site up and running and establishing ourselves as the largest float pod operator in the UK.”

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