Form Partners With Heathrow Airport To Cater To The Growing Demands Of Wellness Travellers


LONDON, United Kingdom — Innovative nutrition brand Form is partnering with Heathrow to incorporate its plant-based proteins into the airport’s new VIP dishes, as businesses race to cater to the growing demands of wellness travellers.

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Launching this week, the airport’s exclusive VIP service menu will feature a range of bespoke dishes that incorporate Form’s nutrient dense plant-based proteins, all designed to make eating well an effortless part of travel.

“At Heathrow VIP, every passenger can enjoy peaceful, serene surroundings to help them prepare for their journey, “ explained Priya Malhotra, Head of Heathrow VIP.

“Our clients expect the best and have increasingly opted for nutritious foods that promote a healthy mind and body so we are thrilled to be working with Form to create a selection of bespoke dining options that will help them effortlessly replenish and refresh ahead of a flight.”

Over the past year, Heathrow VIP —  available to Business and First-Class passengers travelling to/from Heathrow — has seen a surge in international clients seeking healthier travel experiences, with an increase in requests for vegetarian and vegan options, according to the airport. In response to this demand, the new partnership with Form means that all requests can now be catered for without compromise, it argues.

Bespoke dishes created as part of the collaboration will include vegan banana bread with protein ice cream, chocolate and peanut protein bars with goji berries, and chia pots featuring matcha, kiwi and coconut. The menu will change monthly during the initial year-long partnership, with the idea behind the collaboration being that, by replacing carbohydrates with protein-based snacks and food, it can help passengers combat the detrimental effects of eating at the wrong time of day on long-haul flights.

As a result, each of the new fine dining dishes on the menu has been specially-created to boost physical and mental health during travel, to give passengers the best possible to start to their journeys.

Form Partners With Heathrow Airport To Cater To The Growing Demands Of Wellness Travellers

Image: Form x Heathrow

“Form was created to elevate the concept of nutrition and to be more than just a protein shake after the gym,” Natalia Bojanic, Co-Founder of Form told Welltodo.

“We wanted to create an aspirational plant-based brand that is appealing to a wider audience and sits well in any environment — Heathrow VIP is the perfect example of how we’re achieving this. There’s no reason wellbeing shouldn’t be extended to travelling, eating well is not a trend, but a lifestyle, that’s why we are delighted to be the first plant-based nutrition brand to partner with Heathrow VIP,” she added.

According to Bojanic, wellness travel is gradually becoming more accessible, and it’s a movement the brand wants to be a part of.

Earlier this month, Singapore Airlines announced a new partnership with renowned wellness brand Canyon Ranch, in which a team of its experts will develop science-based strategies for improved sleep, exercise and stretching, as well as new, nutrition-focused menus for its passengers. Elsewhere, American Airlines is teaming up with meditation app Calm to provide support for anxious flyers, and these initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg.

With wellness now considered a priority for many travellers, industry leaders are doubling down on their wellness propositions and in doing so are revolutionising the travel industry for good.

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