Freeletics Partners With PlayStation Signalling “Positive Shift” Of Gaming Community Towards Wellness Industry

MUNICH, Germany – Fitness app Freeletics this month announced a short-term partnership with Sony PlayStation to promote the launch of their latest game with an exclusive co-created workout plan for its 53 million-strong global community. 

In a statement on the partnership, Freeletics said the campaign would support gamers on their holistic health journey, while bringing the German-based tech company “one step closer to its goal of challenging and inspiring everyone to become the best version of themselves”. 

The partnership for the release of Horizon Forbidden West includes a custom-built four-week training plan, comprising bodyweight HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts designed to boost physical fitness and stamina.

At the end of each week, users will conquer a new “machine” workout, inspired by the artificially intelligent machines that the game’s heroine, Aloy, tackles in the post-apocalyptic world of the Forbidden West. Each workout is personalised and built on real-time AI-driven user feedback within the app. 

In addition to improving their physical fitness, users who complete the training journey in the Freeletics app by May 8th will be entered into a raffle to win exclusive Freeletics and PlayStation prizes, including a PS5 console. 

The partnership also includes a social media campaign and collaboration with gaming and lifestyle influencer Gnu, who will support the partnership between the two brands with content and challenges on her YouTube channel.

Next generation of gamified fitness
The PlayStation partnership is the second time Freeletics have targeted an engaged community of gamers, following a similar hook up with esports brand Fnatic in 2021. That collaboration was marketed as a means to demonstrate how esports has become “much, much more than the tired cliches of playing computer games all day”. 

“Modern esports performance demands so much from players both on the server and in their everyday lives,” Fnatic HPU Director Jens Hofer said at the time, adding that the training plans provided by Freeletics would highlight “the benefits of physical and mental fitness for in-game performance”. 

A statement by Freeletics added: “Together, both brands will work to break down barriers and stereotypes around the gaming industry to show that living a fit, active lifestyle is the key to accomplishing goals, no matter the sport.”

Now, this collaboration between Europe’s leading fitness app and one of the globe’s most recognised and adored video game brands marks a further evolution and mainstreaming of gamification within the fitness industry, no doubt influenced by a consumer gaming industry forecast to be worth north of $200 billion by 2024. 

Commenting on the deal, Vicky Hallbauer, CMO of Freeletics said: “With this partnership, we are addressing an exciting and dynamic target group for the second time… [working alongside PlayStation] to reach young, tech-savvy gamers, while inspiring an athletic lifestyle that is sustainable for the entire community.”

Hallbauer added that gamers are increasingly recognising the value of being “fit and strong”, saying “we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this positive shift”. 

The limited edition Horizon Forbidden West training journey, personalised and built on real-time user feedback thanks to AI technology, will be available in the Freeletics app until April 13th.

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