Fulham’s Sizzling Boutique Fitness Studio… Where You’ll Feel The Burn!


P is for Paola, the beautiful Australian-born founder of PBodyBarre, a boutique fitness studio nestled in the heart of Fulham. P is also for powerful, which is how you’ll feel after conquering Paola’s Signature BodyBarre class!

A trained Pilates instructor with 25 years of experience in health and fitness education, Paola decided to transition her ‘at-home Pilates’ business into a permanent fixture. Opening the doors of her PBodyBarre studio in March, Paola and her team of fiercely driven instructors, offer a range of classes including traditional Pilates, Power, Yin and Jivamukti Yoga, and TRX.


Image: PBodyBarre

What has really captured the attention of South West Londoners though, is Paola’s own unique BodyBarre method in ‘Signature’, ‘Below’, or for those bold and brave enough to try… the ultimate ‘Burn’ class. Believe us, it’s aptly named!

Don’t let the radiant smile on Paola’s face as she demonstrates, fool you into thinking that it’s easy; there is a reason she’ll be telling you to “feel the burn”. You will. Her BodyBarre method is a product of years of training and fine-tuning; a dynamic routine which integrates Pilates, Yoga and Ballet Barre conditioning. It guarantees results.

You’ll sweat, you’ll work your entire body, and you’ll be smiling (albeit through gritted teeth).


Image: PBodyBarre

The studio is certainly open to all and feels that way, with a welcoming and inclusive vibe. You’ll immediately be amongst friends, breathing a collective sigh of relief and accomplishment when you’re done.

PBodyBarre is a high-energy, low-impact work-out… and most importantly, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Fuel up after your class with a selection of healthy eats including ‘Dynabites’ from the infamous Ms Nutritionist, Gluten-Free treats supplied by Kim from The Retreat Café, and Punch Foods’ Super Seeds.

From 23rd May until the 23rd June, Paola is offering a Summer Special; £100 for unlimited classes. For a class schedule and full price list, including details of Paola’s private class options, visit www.paolasbodybarre.com

70 Rosaline Road, SW6 7QT


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