Future-Proofing Your Wellness Brand: Why Vision, Values & Purpose Matter


In this new series, we’re teaming up with full service global creative agency Skipper & Skipper to explore how you can ‘Future-Proof Your Wellness Brand’, to ensure it’s not just strong today, but primed for success in the future.

Each month, Skipper & Skipper will examine how brands within the wellness sector, as well as those on a journey to developing their wellness offering, can cultivate a recognisable & successful brand. 

This month Skipper & Skipper explores how utilising brand vision and purpose can help to create a blueprint that will bring your future into focus. In turn, this will enable you to plan more effectively, to build a brand that will thrive in tomorrow’s market.

With the wellness industry now worth over $4.2 trillion, representing 5% of global economic output, it’s clear the future is bright for the wellness world. In the UK alone, the market value of health and wellness has soared by 15% in just five years

According to the Global Wellness Institute: “A wellness mindset is beginning to permeate the global consumer consciousness, evolving from episodic to essential, from a luxury to a dominant lifestyle value.” 

But what exactly does the wellness industry mean to you? For the majority of us, this may be a straightforward question, but perhaps the real question is: How can you turn your vision and ideas into success, in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries?

Find Your Purpose
Using purpose to cultivate growth is an essential strategy. We believe a holistic values-led approach is crucial to uncovering your brand’s worth and success. Your purpose should be your true passion, your greatest dream. Why? Because purpose inspires, connects and sells. 

Research by B Corp in 2018 revealed that purpose-driven businesses grew 28 times faster than national economic growth in the UK. Moreover, 64% of consumers find brands that actively communicate their purpose more attractive, according to Accenture.

The extent to which you believe in what you’re doing will undoubtedly affect the way you’re communicating to consumers. At Skipper & Skipper, we truly believe you need to live and breathe every detail of your brand and its journey. The wellness industry is built on opinions, impressions and perceptions – how you position yourself alongside your values is therefore integral to success. 

Instilling your brand’s purpose within your organisation should also be a top priority, with research suggesting 65% of consumers are influenced by the values of a company’s employees, not just its CEO or marketing team. 

It pays to work from the inside out. Skilled, passionate and inspired workforces will help to grow the wellness brands of tomorrow. After all, no-one likes coming to work simply to be told what to do. As Simon Sinek once said, “Average companies give their employees something to work on. The most innovative give them something to work towards.” 

Emotion is also critical for a successful brand. Foster an emotional connection not only between you and your team but between you and your audience. A genuine purpose that motivates you along your journey will engage your audience on a deeper emotional level, enabling them to better understand the cause you are championing. 

Today’s ever-conscious consumer demands this emotional connection and brand experience – factors that are key for a future-proof brand. 

“Aim to stand for something higher than your product alone and remember your product should merely support your purpose. Emotional connection is the driver to any successful wellness business,” advises Duncan Skipper.

Future-Proofing Your Wellness Brand: Why Vision, Values & Purpose Matter

Cultivate Healthy Thinking
This concept of ‘healthy’ thinking is further proof of our holistic approach to branding. It is something we deem pivotal to prosperity in this market. When it comes to living out your brand and goals, we often turn to the ancient Austronesian concept of ‘Mana’, which translates literally as honour, respect and power. Mana is believed to be a supernatural force that lives within a person, place or object – to have mana is to be a respected authority and someone of genuine influence. So how does this translate to the wellness industry? 

When it comes to branding and future-proofing your business, we believe it highlights the importance of having a clear and honest purpose, which in turn will allow you to become an effective leader and communicator. You have to truly believe in your purpose for it to be fulfilled in a way that’s real to you and your customer.

Be Authentic
An honest and authentic approach to your wellness brand is of increasing importance in today’s world. As more individuals realise a passion for health and wellbeing, the faster the industry grows, and the savvier the consumer becomes. For millennials – the demographic often credited with driving the global wellness market – the desire to align with the brands they’re buying into is forcing businesses to be more conscious about their values than ever before. 

It’s all too easy to churn out content, whether on Instagram or via a blog, but the brands that cultivate authenticity and create real human connection are the ones that will thrive in today’s wellness world and succeed in tomorrow’s market. 

Future-Proofing Your Wellness Brand: Why Vision, Values & Purpose Matter

Create A Community
The word ‘community’ may be over-used but it’s hugely relevant – if you can create something bigger than your product, you’re creating an opportunity for people to want to connect with and support your brand. By transcending the simple purchase transaction, you’re nurturing your brand experience. You need to stand up to stand out.

When it comes to a successful wellness brand, remember your purpose, mission, vision and values count for everything. By standing for something bigger than what you’re selling and believing it wholeheartedly, you’re on the right path to future-proofing your brand for tomorrow’s market.  

Skipper & Skipper is a full service global creative agency, with a determined vision to inspire more people towards making better and more informed health choices. It helps its clients tell their story through its holistic values-led approach to uncovering true brand worth.

For more information visit: skipperandskipper.agency

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