Get A Drip Welcomes Holland & Barrett CEO On Board To Accelerate Growth

LONDON, United Kingdom – Vitamin drips and booster shot brand Get A Drip has signed a deal with a network of industry heavyweights to dramatically accelerate the company’s growth, its CEO announced this week.

Under the banner of Tesca, a consultancy and investment firm specialising in consumer-facing businesses, Tony Buffin, Dave Battiston and Anthony Morris will provide strategic, operational and partnership advice. 

Previously, Buffin was CEO of multinational health and wellness chain Holland & Barrett, CEO of Nectar Card and AirMiles and CFO of Australia-based grocer The Coles Group. The deal also includes an as-yet undisclosed amount of investment. 

“The Tecsa team’s industry experience in health and wellbeing and specialist data and partnerships expertise will help to dramatically accelerate Get A Drip’s growth,” commented CEO Richard Chambers, who founded Get A Drip after suffering from health complications related to type I diabetes.

“We know that nutritional imbalances lead to multiple, chronic health conditions and reduce life expectancy,” Chambers continued. 

“We want everyone to be able to access personalised and affordable supplementation and with Get A Drip’s pioneering capability in nutritional healthcare and the support of Tony and his team we are very excited for the future.”

High growth market
With a track record of growing and transforming businesses across multiple sectors, from health and wellness to air travel and groceries in the northern and southern hemispheres, Buffin hinted at the considerable growth potential of the company’s diagnostics services. 

Buffin commented: “I am delighted we are joining Get A Drip to help Richard and his team continue to build their game-changing health and wellness business.

“Richard is a passionate leader and has already built an incredible business with more than 50 employees operating in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, with a proven, highly profitable and scalable franchise business.”

Currently operating in 11 locations across Europe, Get A Drip also provides clinical diagnostics services, including blood, DNA and gut health tests – a market recently valued at $19 billion, with a CAGR of 9.8%. 

“This is a high growth market and we are pleased to be helping Get A Drip grow both in the UK and internationally,” he added. 

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