Get ‘Bikini Body Ready’ With The Simplest 4-Step Guide Yet!

Holiday season’s here and the heat is on – to get ‘bikini body ready’! But with mounting pressure from the likes of that controversial ad campaign, every second sales pitch and social media, is there more to looking and feeling good in a swimsuit than everything these marketeers are telling you?

According to Melissa White, founder of naked – a coaching service designed as a rallying cry for women globally to accept themselves and love the skin they’re in, there’s a much healthier and more fearless way to get beach body ready this summer.

Are you ready for the tips you’ve really been looking for? Here’s your simplest 4-step guide yet:


5% of the population can naturally and healthily have a supermodel figure.  So that’s 95% of us who are mere mortals. Welcome to the majority. Every one of us will have a part of the body we don’t entirely like or would want to change. If you focus on that every time you look in the mirror and criticise yourself, you’ll start to only see the negative.

The brain focuses on what you tell it to and it’s trained most effectively by repetition.  The more you repeat negative thoughts, well hey presto, you think badly about yourself.

So instead look in the mirror and focus on the parts you DO like.  Start small, even if it’s your little toe, and tell yourself how much you like that part. Focus on the positive and keep repeating it.  Then let that grow.


Habits are behaviours we have taught ourselves that we have repeated so often they become unconscious.

So think about the habits you have with the way you speak to yourself and treat yourself.  Are they positive habits?  If not what can you do to cultivate more positive behaviours, especially around food.  It’s not about crash diets and the “no carbs before Marbs” style mentality – that’s setting yourself up for failure and not caring for your body.  It’s far healthier to look after yourself year round than panic in the weeks before the beach!


Now ladies, this is a biggie. Buy something that makes you feel gorgeous.  If you don’t know what suits you then take advantage of the personal shopper services that are now available in many stores.  Don’t squeeze yourself into something that makes you feel more uncomfortable just to fit in, don’t hide behind a cover up and hide your figure either. Shake what your mamma gave you!


The summer and getting away is all about getting away from it all and relaxing.  It’s about down time and I find it sad it creates so much fear in so many women.  Trust me, from the beaches of Brasil to Ibiza, Australia to Italy there are women of all shapes and sizes.   The harshest critic you will face on any beach is YOU!

So (yes, that’s seriously it!), in short, you don’t need to do anything special to be beach body ready – you simply need to feel confident in your body, buy a bikini and go.

You already have a body, now what are you waiting for?

Melissa is a transformational coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and motivational speaker. She works with clients to strip away their layers of self-doubt and fears and supports them to build extraordinary lives. For information on her coaching and courses visit 

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