Get One-On-One Natural Healthcare For Free On Freedom4Health Day!

On June 3rd, for one day only, select Planet Organic stores and other private health clinics across London (and the UK) will be opening their doors and giving free alternate therapy consultations as part of Freedom4Health day. It’s all designed to give you a chance to learn more about the abundance of different therapies available, without having to reach for your wallet.

“The purpose of the campaign is to give the public an opportunity to learn more about different natural healthcare possibilities and to promote the many benefits of natural healthcare,” says Shila Mistry, who’ll be offering free 20 minute Nutritional Therapy consultations in Planet Organic, Muswell Hill from 10am-1pm.

With so many options for alternative health care available to Londoners, ranging from reiki practitioners to iridologists and ayurvedic practitioners, venturing into this world can be scary if you don’t know what will suit your needs, or even what all these different –ologists are.

Which is why Martin Weightman, one of the founders of Freedom4Health, is excited to give people the chance to experience what he has dedicated his life to, saying “alternative health shouldn’t be taken for granted. Freedom4Health Day gives everyone the chance to book in and receive a free consultation or treatment that could in some ways transform their lives”.

Natural heath solutions are much more un-intrusive, and inherently steer clear of drugs with harmful side-effects. Acupuncturist Ross Barr has treated hundreds of people who are new to the world of alternate health therapies who “come back time and again because they feel the positive effects that a simple course of treatment can give them.”

Experiencing a reiki treatment – an alternate therapy developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in the early 1920’s – would be little known to those that haven’t delved into the realm of alternative therapies. This palm healing treatment can be used to alongside traditional treatment of disease, and is known for helping general wellness and energy levels in stressful periods.

To find your nearest participating Planet Organic or practitioner head over to and take this wonderful opportunity to explore all the multitude of health care available for you.