Global Gatherings For Wellness Aficionados Are On The Rise


LONDON, United Kingdom –– Thought leaders in the worlds of fashion and finance have been coming together to meet for decades, but now a new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders are meeting to explore the ways in which wellness can change habits and elevate thinking.

One such partnership between luxury hotel group Six Senses, and the team behind the infamous Summit Series, will see the launch of a unique set of community-fueled conferences designed for individuals to access world-class wellbeing experts.

The first of these events, Harvest, will take place at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Bodrum, Turkey from 12th-14th October. The name Harvest, or ‘Hasat’, in native Turkish, was chosen because of its recognition culturally as a time of year that holds great potential for self-reflection, new beginnings and giving thanks.

The location is also home to the first eco-friendly residential and hospitality destination of its kind to combine architectural excellence and five-star service with best-in-class wellbeing – set on a 400-hectare hideaway on the Aegean coastline, famous for its olive groves.

Described by Nick Kislinger, Director of Harvest, as a community-driven project, he explained: “We’re bringing together 200 of today’s most innovative people in business and culture from over 20 countries to enjoy three days of full-body and mind wellness, inspiring talks, soulful music, and nourishing food at the beautiful venue surrounded by nature.”

An immersive program has been designed around the theme of “wellbeing”, with talks by leading thinkers like Dan Buettner and Dr Harvey Karp, and an overview of the wellness industry to be presented by Anna Bjurstam, VP of Spa at Six Senses. The weekend will also incorporate holistic workshops and classes.

“Our aim is to elevate the level of conversation concerning our role in maintaining our own wellbeing,” Kislinger added. He plans to run a second gathering in May with a focus on sustainability and the environment.

Access to Harvest is by application and free of charge for the experience itself, with attendees responsible only for transportation and lodging costs. Information on the full series can be found at

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