Gympass’ New Feature Reflects Rise In Fitness Professionals Unlocking Their Personal Value


LONDON, United Kingdom — Corporate fitness platform Gympass has launched a new feature enabling certified fitness professionals to host personal training sessions as part of its extensive client offering.

The addition comes at a time when many fitness professionals have been forced to pivot their businesses online in response to the COIVID-19 pandemic — a move that is redefining the value of fitness trainers and further highlighting their potential to position themselves as brands and creators in their own right.

Following a successful launch earlier this year in Brazil and the US, Gympass clients in the UK will now be able to access up to eight online personal training sessions per month as part of their existing membership, starting as low as £7.49, which offers unlimited access to over 2,200 gyms, studios, wellness apps and fitness centres. The bolstered offering also reflects Gympass’ agility in adapting to recent changes in lifestyles and behaviours.

“When Coronavirus forced the lockdown of gyms around the country, as a company we had to pivot in order to operate effectively,” explained Eamon Lloyd, Senior Director – Head of Partnerships for UK&IE at Gympass. 

“We looked closely at our clients and their employees to understand how we could best support them, and through the provision of PT, we have provided a practical solution to meet their ever-changing needs,” he added.

With the digitalisation of the industry accelerating, like many businesses, Gympass recognised the need to innovate quickly and provide new ways to achieve its mission. However, in doing so, it is also opening up new opportunities for fitness trainers to unlock and monetise their value.

According to Gympass, not only does the offering remove pre-existing geographical barriers, but it also allows for specialization in particular practices as well as generating an additional revenue stream for trainers.

“For personal trainers, this project represents the opportunity to dramatically expand their reach, establish contact with hundreds of new clients across the country, fill out their schedules, and open up a completely new revenue stream, at zero cost,” Rodrigo Silveria, SVP New Business told Welltodo.

“We have Personal Trainers who have delivered sessions to over 100 different people in their first month with Gympass, which is something that would likely take years for them to build by themselves,” he added.

Gympass says it aims to ensure a diverse selection of PTs across multiple disciplines, to provide users with the best possible experience, with selection based on expertise, years of experience, areas of specialization and interest, and other specific criteria. It is also conducting onboarding processes and providing training materials to help PTs who may be new to virtual training. 

Since the feature’s launch in Brazil and the US, the company has already seen over 8,000 completed personal training sessions, with 97% of all reviewed sessions receiving a 5-star rating from users — a trend it hopes to replicate as it launches in other markets such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

If you’re a fitness trainer and are interested in Gympass’ new PT service, you can find more information here.


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