Hims & Hers Hits New Milestone With Amazon & Walgreens Partnerships

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Multi-specialty DTC wellness platform Hims & Hers has hit a new milestone as it launches partnerships with both Amazon and Walgreens.

The startup, which provides modern personalised health and wellness experiences to consumers, has announced it will start offering its products in Amazon’s store to increase the accessibility of its supplements, sexual health and wellness products and hair care offerings, which will now be available through the new official Hims & Hers store on Amazon.com.

In addition, a collaboration with US pharmacy Walgreens will provide consumers with greater access to its high-quality health and wellness solutions, which will be offered at the retailer’s locations nationwide and on walgreens.com.

Speaking about the Amazon partnership, Co-founder of Hims & Hers, Andrew Dudum explained:

“We aim to meet digitally native consumers where they already are and create completely customer-centric health and wellness experiences for them.”

He continued: “Having seen an increasing demand for our products on Amazon and having significantly expanded the availability of our products through new retail relationships over the last year, we are thrilled to also start selling in Amazon’s store. Doing so not only meets those consumer demands but also introduces our beautifully designed, science-backed, high-quality wellness offerings to a whole new audience.”

The Walgreens partnership, meanwhile, taps into the demand for a wider variety of wellness services and products in essential retail environments — a trend accelerated by the pandemic.

“This in-store and online collaboration will enable us to further destigmatise health-related topics by helping more people access an assortment of our personal care and sexual health and wellness solutions,” commented Melissa Baird, Chief Operating Officer of Hims & Hers.

Both moves also serve as a big step in the company achieving its vision of mass-market accessibility.

To further accelerate this mission, earlier this year Hims & Hers also began offering its sexual health, hair care and other personal care products via Urban Outfitters’ website and announced plans to sell its hair care products through The Vitamin Shoppe’s website and 280 stores.

Hims & Hers Hits New Milestone With Amazon & Walgreens Partnerships
Image: Hims & Hers

Its ongoing retail expansion follows the company’s recent IPO after being acquired by Oaktree Acquisition Corp. (a special purpose acquisition company), as well as a stellar recent quarter that saw its net revenue grow 69% year over year to $60.7 million.

Elsewhere, the brand’s subscriptions grew by over 75% from the same period last year. 

“This outperformance across the spectrum was driven by continued robust growth in our core Hims categories where our entrenched brand and trusted products continue to deliver exceptional growth as well as continued acceleration in our newest expansion categories such as mental health growing 1,000% year-over-year,” said Dudum during a Q3 2021 Earnings Conference Call on November 10th.

“Our fundamentals underpin what I continue to believe is an exceptionally rare opportunity in the public market — a beloved consumer brand that is built upon an enduring subscription membership business model,” he added.

During the call, Dudum also announced the launch of the brand’s mobile platform, which he said would be rolled out fully over the coming weeks and months to over 500,000 Hims & Hers members.

This he said, marked one of the most exciting launches in the company’s history as it continues to further advance its goal of fundamentally reshaping what it will mean to access and experience great modern healthcare.

The app will provide customers with access to curated content based on their Hims & Hers account, 24/7 concierge services, ongoing access to medical experts, the ability to schedule consultations, and the ability to both purchase and manage Hims & Hers non-prescription products and subscriptions.

“The Hims & Hers mobile platform is a major step in visualizing the radically different vision we have for the future of health and wellness,” revealed Dudum.

“Our Members are exactly the group that have grown up expecting innovative, beautiful and all-inclusive experiences like Spotify, Netflix and Peloton. Those Companies structurally changed the fundamental business models of their traditional industry in favour of everyday Consumers. We’re confident the healthcare industry is in need of that structural change and believe Hims & Hers will be the leaders in building it.”