Hotpod Yoga To Open Flagship Studio In Manchester, UK


LONDON, United Kingdom — Europe’s largest yoga company Hotpod Yoga is opening its first UK flagship outside of London, with a Manchester studio set to launch later this year.

The expansion will leave it better-placed to support its network of franchisees and leverage demand for leading fitness concepts to expand in the city, spurred on by recent openings from Barry’s Bootcamp and BLOK. 

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“Our footprint is spread all over the UK (and beyond), so we see growth all over the place,” commented Max Henderson, co-founder Hotpod Yoga.

“However, Manchester is the natural home for a Northern HQ for us. It’s an undeniable cultural hub and a city that’s just full of energy and excitement. There’s so much going on there at the moment – in the world of wellness. So, we’re excited to be a part of that.”

Hotpod Yoga Manchester, which is due to open at the end of the year, will be the biggest Hotpod in the world, with a 26 person pod, a dedicated teacher training school and full facilities on site. The studio will also edge the brand closer to the 50 studio mark — currently, there are 46 Hotpod studios spanning 9 countries.

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Bringing the benefits of yoga to a wider audience has been integral to the company’s commercial success, and according to Hotpod, the business is now in a position where it really wants to push the brand forward, across the country, to boost that mission.

“Fundamentally, people are getting more interested in health, wellbeing and generally looking after themselves. There’s a propensity for Londoners to look no further than our little bubble, but it’s a pretty widespread theme that we’re thrilled to be a part of,” Henderson told Welltodo.

“The macro trend towards more healthy lifestyles isn’t going anywhere, so that’s a huge opportunity in itself, particularly in many of the more underserved UK towns and cities, that are mostly untouched by the London boutique fitness boom,” he added.

In addition to further expansion, Hotpod will also continue to push itself to build on every aspect of the business in order to provide a truly great service and delivery.

“There’s no denying our experience is totally unique. The multi-sensory environment of the pod – with its colours, scent and soundscapes – makes it a special space and when you combine that with our approach to teaching, it seems to be something that has a real impression on people,” argued Henderson.

“Yoga’s not exactly new, but we’ve turned up the dials a little, reinventing it in a way that engages even the biggest sceptics.” 

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