How The Nue Co. Is Shaking Up The $75bn Multivitamin Market

Premium supplement brand The Nue Co. has ambitions to disrupt the $75 billion multivitamin market, and its plan of action involves cultivating loyalty within a notoriously fragmented market.

Speaking exclusively with Welltodo, founder of the holistic lifestyle brand Jules Miller, explained that currently 80% of Americans (and almost 50% of Britons) take a multivitamin every day, yet most people claim they don’t feel any actual targeted results. Added to the fact that there is a lack of brand identity among the top multivitamin manufacturers, the market until now has remained commoditized, with consumers demonstrating little emotional connection towards the brands they’re buying.

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The opportunity to bridge those gaps has driven the creation of The Nue Co’s latest collection: The One Daily — 7 multivitamins that Miller says target the 6 biggest pain points concerning its customers; mood, immunity, sleep, joints, skin and metabolism.

To ensure the products deliver results within 30-60 days, the startup uses a blend of clinically studied, science-backed vitamins with best practices from alternative medicine such as adaptogens and other medicinal mushrooms and botanicals. The brand’s 67% repeat purchase rate on its existing supplements suggests that it’s already conquered the efficacy piece of the puzzle. So with this launch, it’s doubling down on marketing to further build brand identity and cultivate engagement among new demographics.

“Growth is about 2 things, retention (which we feel like we have nailed) and getting in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The latter is only achieved through bold creative and innovative strategies which become increasingly important as the sector becomes more and more competitive,” Miller told Welltodo.

With that in mind, the launch of The One Daily coordinates with the brand’s biggest campaign to date.

Approximately 30% of its marketing spend has been allocated towards paid social, whilst the rest will be focused on its organic channels such as press, direct, email and social, which have a much higher conversion rate, according to Miller.

The omnichannel approach also includes offline activations such as billboards, wildposting and subway advertising, as well as experiential events.

“It’s important to be dynamic and be ready to change tactics when needed,” explained Miller. “And as a business that’s on track to be profitable by the end of 2020, investing in channels with a higher conversion rate allows our marketing dollars to go further,” she added.

Concepts, such as “The One Stop Shop” a popup in New York’s Soho, complete with a wellness café serving drinks infused with its supplements, such as a Debloat Latte and Youth Juice, as well as collaborations with partners including fashion and lifestyle brand Manrepeller — which boasts an engaged and motivated audience — are also being trialled to cultivate connections with consumers from adjacent lifestyle segments.

How The Nue Co. Is Shaking Up The $75bn Multivitamin Market
Image: The Nue Co.

In the case of Manrepeller, says Miller, the media company has partnered with everyone from Mango to Everlane to Daily Harvest. “Its content is fun, thought-provoking and genuine, and when it comes to experiential activity that’s exactly the type of event we want to create.”

Adding: “We thoroughly believe that wellness doesn’t have to sit within the outdated lines of clean eating and yoga. At our parties, we usually blend gut-friendly alcohol (always Mezcal), a great DJ and a couple of alternative wellness stations which should ignite some interest in practices people may not have considered before. It’s amazing to see the type of conversation it sparks.”

In fact, Miller reveals that at the brand’s party held in collaboration with streetwear blog Highsnobiety last year, she ended up meeting Bob Marley’s daughter Zuri in the queue to the toilets. 

“We bonded over our gut health regime,” she tells Welltodo. “And that’s the beauty of health and wellness —  whatever age, gender or culture, it’s something we all have in common.”

Like Highsnobiety and Manrepeller, The Nue Co. is capturing the imagination of consumers searching for brands that are creating a memorable presence, those that slot seamlessly into their existing lifestyle ecosystems, and provide value beyond the products themselves — a model that’s proving lucrative.

Miller says The Nue Co. is forecasting 20% of its 2020 revenues to be driven from The One Daily, with 60% of revenue from its launch period driven by new customers. And, as the brand experiences its third consecutive year of triple-digit growth, its potential to significantly capture market share is one to be taken seriously.

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