Hyperice Enters Mental Wellness Space

IRVINE, United States — Hyperice, the technology-driven company known for its percussion massage guns is making a play for the mental wellness space, as it repositions itself as a holistic high-performance wellness brand.

The eleven-year-old company, much beloved by high profile athletes including LeBron James, Naomi Osaka, Russell Westbrook and Lindsey Vonn, has revealed that the multi-prong transformation, led by its recent acquisition of mental wellness company Core (its third acquisition in the last 18 months) will see it assume a new brand identity, anchored by a suite of new products and industry-first technologies.

“Our company DNA is rooted in serving elite athletes, and we will continue to do so as we enter this next stage, but as our footprint has grown over the past decade, it is imperative for us to ensure the benefits of our products are accessible to help everyone be the best version of themselves,” explained Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. 

“Hyperice’s suite of products have the power to unlock the potential within everyone. We are now able to offer unmatched innovation in performance technologies paired with a unique mental wellness offering with Core that delivers an unparalleled experience to all types of athletes in support of both their physical and mental wellness,” he added.

Hyperice Enters Mental Wellness Space
Image: Naomi Osaka X Hyperice

Indeed, the Core acquisition, and the creation of a Mind Technology Division, highlight Hyperice’s commitment to mental wellness as a critical pillar to overall health, performance, recovery, and self-care. It also enables the brand to expand its addressable market, whilst still tapping into the needs and values of its existing audience.

At a time when the relationship between fitness and mental wellness continues to dominate the cultural zeitgeist — thanks to outspoken athletes including Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles and Kevin Love openly highlighting the ongoing pressures associated with operating at such a high level — it’s a savvy move. 

In fact, the evolution to a modern, high-performance wellness brand will also allow Hyperice to serve a broader audience of athletes — which it hopes will eventually trickle down to the mainstream market.

As we explore in our 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report, with today’s health-conscious consumers recognising that every aspect of a pro athlete’s performance is meticulously monitored by some form of groundbreaking technology, their personal data then analysed by experts whose insights are actioned via cutting-edge products and services, the new expectation is that to achieve optimal performance access is needed to the same insights and support. 

This is giving rise to a new generation of athlete-engineered products and services, with the secret sauce revolving around opening up access to these metrics, expertise and solutions, in a way that makes sense for the everyday consumer. Hyperice is looking to anchor itself at the heart of this evolution.

To bolster its transition, the brand has created a reimagined identity, and launched its largest global brand campaign to date: “Do What You Love. More”, featuring its world-class roster of athletes, as well as everyday people, engaging with its new and existing products in order to get the most out of their daily lives and personal wellbeing.

One of the new products featured is the Hyperice X — the world’s first-ever portable contrast therapy device, which creates a localised cycle of alternating heat and cold to the area for recovery and rehabilitation.  

Elsewhere, Core by Hyperice — a mediation device that guides the user through breathing techniques using vibrations and lights — claims to be an immersive meditation experience designed to track heart rate and stress levels. 

Glowing endorsements from the likes of NBA star Blake Griffin (another brand investor and ambassador) highlighting Hyperice’s role in helping elite and everyday athletes become more intentional around holistic wellness are also likely to help cement the brand’s new human-centric identity.

“Our identity as a performance and sports-focused brand for the past 10 years has given us a platform to help athletes of all levels perform, move, and live better. We continue to innovate and improve our products so we can continue to introduce the world to better things,” shared Anthony Katz, Founder of Hyperice. 

“We are creating products that are truly companions for those that use them – products that provide both a great experience and tangible benefits.”