Investors Are Backing This New At-Home Connected Fitness System


LONDON, United Kingdom — Investors including Dowgate Capital Ltd. and entrepreneur Nigel Wray have poured £7.7m into connected fitness startup JAXJOX, as it limbers up for the launch of its forthcoming ‘InteractiveStudio’.

The two-year-old company, known for its ‘KettlebellConnect’ — the first smart kettlebell with adjustable weights — is currently riding high off the back of the accelerated interest in at-home fitness, having experienced 10x growth year over year, as well as tripling its employee headcount. With the launch of its ‘InteractiveStudio’, the startup aims to further leverage the shift in the fitness landscape by providing consumers with an at-home fitness solution that combines connected strength-training equipment with live and on-demand content.

Speaking about the expanded JAXJOX ecosystem, founder and CEO Stephen Owusu explained: “We’ve created a first-of-its-kind, connected fitness setup that works together to personalise your workouts, track your progress and support you in reaching your fitness goals.”

Adding: “We’re delivering something that is a complete solution rather than just speaking to strength training or just speaking to cardio. We’re fulfilling it all-in-one.”

The freestanding system, which clocks in at around half the size of a bike, and a third of a treadmill, includes a 43″ touchscreen TV that rotates horizontally, vertically and tilts 15 degrees for floor exercises, as well as four connected JAXJOX products, which the brand argues, replaces the need for 6 separate kettlebells and 15 dumbbells. 

Joining the updated KettlebellConnect; a six-in-one digital, adjustable kettlebell ranging from 12 – 42 pounds, is a DumbbellConnect; a dumbbell set offering adjustable weights from 8 – 50 pounds, a digital vibrating roller and a digital push-up tool, all of which can be used independently or alongside live and on-demand classes as part of the JAXJOX membership. 

When used in conjunction with the brand’s app, users also have access to performance tracking, personalised, real-time data, and a scientific-based, proprietary Fitness IQ, which calculates strength progression. 

But, what really sets it apart from the growing number of players in the category, such as Peloton, Hydrow, Tonal, Mirror, Forme Life and so on, is its compact design, accessible entry point and versatility, argues the brand.

For example, not only does the adjustable, connected equipment give users the freedom to move, by allowing them to remove the individual products to work out in different locations while staying connected, with each product available to buy separately (starting at $99), it gives consumers the flexibility to tailor their experience to their budget and fitness needs — thus targeting a much wider demographic. 

In contrast, a Peloton bike starts from $1,895 plus a monthly subscription, while the Tonal hardware alone requires an investment of $2,995.

“When developing the InteractiveStudio it was important for us to think about all the friction points a user experiences with home gym equipment,” Owusu explained.

Adding: “A few years ago, there were no in-home fitness solutions that fit into every lifestyle. There were in-home solutions for cardio and strength but nothing that combined the two in one compact unit. We spent 2 years creating the ultimate community-centric home fitness solution that combines adjustable free-weight equipment, AI-powered performance tracking, and content for a wide variety of workouts.”

With so much activity in the connected fitness space, it’s going to become increasingly important for brands to tap into different consumer groups, especially those that don’t fit into the archetypal boutique fitness or Peloton customer. JAXJOX is betting on filling that gap.

“Beyond fitness-tech products, our vision is to close the gap between fitness and health. By monitoring performance metrics and using AI, we can give users a more holistic view of their health and provide recommendations on improving their wellbeing. We know working out is only one aspect of wellness and will continue to enhance our platform to provide an unparalleled experience,” Owusu added. 


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