IV Vitamin Brand Get A Drip Is Targeting The Mainstream Market With New Retail Space


LONDON, United Kingdom — Provider of IV vitamin drips Get A Drip is set to become the first clinic of its kind to open in a major retail space in the UK, as it battles for a slice of the mainstream market.

Opening in London’s Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush, the outpost will mark a milestone in Get A Drip’s mission to normalise the therapy as an everyday pursuit of wellness.

“Typically, the drips have only been available to celebrities and the super wealthy,” argues  Founder Richard Chambers. His aim is to overcome that. “We believe that everyone should have access to affordable wellness solutions, without losing quality of product and service,” he tells Welltodo.

Launched in 2017, Get A Drip offers intravenous nutrition therapy, a treatment that works by administering essential vitamins and minerals into the body through the bloodstream via an IV drip.

Catering to consumers looking to boost their energy, replenish hydration levels or offset the effects of too much partying, the brand, which operates an existing clinic in Boxpark, Shoreditch, has been riding the wave of growing demand for vitamins and supplements in innovate and aspirational formats. According to Mintel, 34% of people in Britain currently supplement their diet with daily vitamins, with sales spiking by 27% for adults in 2018. Globally the market is expected to reach $220 billion by 2023.

From vitamin gummies to powder-based ingestibles, the category is being reimagined to capitalise on this upward trajectory. But despite the segment’s recent rise in popularity, IV nutrition drips are yet to capture a mainstream audience. Get A Drip believes it can change that.

“Opening a Westfield clinic is a major breakthrough in our mission to bring accessible and affordable IV vitamin drips to the masses,” argues Chambers.

With a footfall of over 70 million people per year and a growing focus on wellness, driven by health-conscious consumers, the retail destination will certainly provide a fertile testing ground for the brand to engage with new customers. However, connecting with a wider audience will also hinge on democratising the treatment via a lower pricing model and by creating inclusive and approachable retail environments.

According to Chambers, Get A Drip has been designed for the average budget. Pricer treatments sit between the £200 to £300 mark, however, £30 booster shots provide a more affordable option when compared with competitors.

In addition, the brand has also deliberately stayed away from a cold, clinical feel when designing its clinics. “We want them to be welcoming and put people at ease, to reinforce the message that IV therapy is for everyone,” Chambers tells Welltodo.

So far the strategy appears to be working. Demand is high at the brand’s Boxpark location, with engaged consumers even driving the introduction of new treatments.

“Our high strength vitamin C drips were introduced after being repeatedly asked for, and we’re about to introduce NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) as a result of customer demand,” says Chambers.

In response to demand for more personalised treatments, the brand has also introduced DNA testing, so any nutritional deficiencies can be identified and drip therapy can be tailored specifically to individual customer’s needs.

With plans to expand Get A Drip to additional locations in London, as well as scheduled appearances at wellness festivals such as Balance Festival and Soul Circus later this year, the brand is determined to shed the treatment’s inaccessible and elitist reputation, to become a high street staple.


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