Just Released: Welltodo 2020 Wellness Innovation Blueprint

We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new Welltodo report: The 2020 Wellness Innovation Blueprint — a free comprehensive guide to the fastest-growing wellness industry sectors and innovative companies defining the new world of wellness.

Compiled by Welltodo’s team of industry and trend experts, this free 60+ page resource features 500+ of the industry’s most innovative brands, segmented by the 25+ key industry categories and sub-categories that we’ve identified as being the fastest-growing. Including:

  • Clean Beauty
  • Digital Fitness
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Mental Wellness
  • Personalised Supplements
  • Sexual Wellness
  • And Many More

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Spotlighting the driving forces behind innovation within each, this first-of-its-kind industry blueprint brings to life the vast number of brands defining a new era of ‘everything wellness’ for the modern consumer. 

The report also brings much-needed context, clarity and structure to the multi-faceted global wellness industry.

From sustainable brand TALA’s progressive approach to disrupting the $167 billion athleisure market to cutting-edge holistic health and wellness provider Parsley Health’s bid to revolutionise healthcare in the US. Or, from plant-based chicken nugget startup Nuggs’ ability to understand what the younger consumer wants to WAVE meditation’s answer to consumer demand for meditation that’s more culturally-driven — innovation is defining the next frontier of wellness and driving the industry forward.

Are you clear on what innovation in wellness means for you?

Our 2020 Wellness Innovation Blueprint will enable you to:

  • Contextualise the rapid innovation of wellness through a clear break down of the key industry categories
  • Gain a better understanding of exactly where and how the wellness industry is growing – and who is leading the way
  • Explore the possibilities for cross-collaboration, innovation and expansion for your current or future business
  • And uncover new ways of thinking that enable you to stay ahead in what is now a multi-trillion dollar industry

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Just Released: Welltodo 2020 Wellness Innovation Blueprint

Download your copy of Welltodo’s 2020 Wellness Innovation Blueprint here.