Just Released: Welltodo’s 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report


Welltodo’s 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report has launched – exploring the eight key consumer trends we predict will impact the trajectory of the global wellness industry over the coming year. And the pockets of opportunity that exist within this exciting new landscape.

Welltodo’s 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report (across 80+ pages) gives you:

  • Access to the 8 consumer trends that will shape your business decisions in 2021
  • The developments and drivers impacting the future of the global wellness industry
  • An understanding of how these trends impact your business now, and in the future
  • And the foresight needed to create even deeper relationships with the consumers of tomorrow


Uncovering and interpreting insights ranging from how values and behaviours formed during the pandemic have given rise to new consumer expectations associated with purpose, inclusion and collective consciousness to the sweet spots that exist for wellness brands in an era of rapid digitalisation, this 80+ page report sheds light on how you can better understand the trends shaping consumer behaviour and the wellness industry at large. 

In addition, this report will support you to create more measured approaches that enable today’s informed consumers to engage with your brand with confidence and ease. 

Within the report, you’ll discover more about the current impact and future of these trends:

The New Digital Consumer
In the wake of COVID-19, the digital domain has radically shifted from a niche to a mainstream consumer movement. Within this new landscape, consumer behaviours, values and preferences continue to evolve, and this is opening up pockets of opportunity for wellness brands.

2020 drew a line in the sand in which brand diversity and inclusion have become a necessity – a driving force in consumer purchasing decisions and engagement. For today’s diversity-driven consumers the expectation is that wellness brands must live in their values.

Collective Consciousness
With the fight against coronavirus putting collective efforts at the centre of the global agenda, consumers have formed new expectations around brand purpose, and they’re demanding that the brands they buy from not only tackle social issues directly but enable them to become agents of social change too.

Everything Health
In 2020, the gradual convergence of health and wellness has taken on new relevancy. Within this new health economy, consumers are prioritising health and wellness as the new ‘non-negotiables’ underpinning the customer journey and experience.

Green & Clean
Millennials and Gen Z continue to lead the shift towards more responsible and ‘better for you’ consumption. But, to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, today’s shoppers are demanding that brands demonstrate their worth beyond clean ingredients and environmental impact.

Crisis Fatigue
With a growing sense of crisis fatigue taking hold, consumers are demanding mental wellness solutions geared towards addressing specific symptoms of modern society, as well as the divergent needs of those living through an era of collective crises.

Playing into the priorities and aspirations of millennials – a generation fixated on ‘living their best lives’, self-improvement and one-upmanship – athlete-engineered products and services are raising the bar when it comes to consumer perception of what’s attainable.

As consumers continue to gravitate towards science-backed and credible information, this is creating an opportunity for wellness brands to establish themselves as bastions of this new value-system – leveraging their scientific credentials to establish consumer trust.


Powered by our wealth of insights and intelligence, the Welltodo 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report uncovers and interprets insights into key consumer trends like the importance of cultural relevancy, why a collective and collaborative approach is key to building the brand-consumer relationship and how future-minded generations are rewriting the rules when it comes to business purpose.

Whilst we acknowledge the road ahead will consist of many unknowns, it’s never been more crucial to understand the shifts in consumer behaviour and values that will shape this journey towards recovery. 

Welltodo’s 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report has been specifically designed to help you unlock the enormous opportunities that still exist in this resilient and high-growth industry!

Purchase your copy of Welltodo’s 2021 Consumer Wellness Trends Report here.


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