The Key To Developing A Successful PR Strategy


Effective targeted promotion of any business is crucial to its overall success, and in the behemoth that is the wellness industry, cutting through the noise in an attempt to be heard is becoming increasingly harder.

According to PR and Marketing Consultant Ariadna Bakhmatova, when developing a PR strategy, finding a creative way to communicate your brand proposition is the key to engaging with the media, and ultimately with your target audience. However, she argues, this is the part where a lot of wellness brands get stuck.

Business owners are usually pretty confident that their audience can’t wait to find out about what they’ve created, she argues. But, this often results in a brand communicating its message without thinking about how it can do so in a way that resonates with its audience.

Having worked for over 15 years for some of the world’s top PR agencies, and with wellness brands across the organic beauty, spa, wellness travel and athleisure sectors, Bakhmatova has helped global wellness brands to navigate this challenge, to communicate their key messages in a compelling way that drives sales.  

With that in mind, here Bakhmatova shares her tips on how to make your communication strategy more creative and ultimately more effective………..

Find your USP

It’s vital to find your unique positioning and message, which usually stems from the core of your business offering. What is it that you do differently, what makes your particular product or service unique and why does it stand out from the competition?

Take BAM bamboo clothing — one of the first brands in the UK to start offering activewear made out of bamboo fabric. The material is the unique feature of the brand, and so its unique properties became the brand’s key point of communication when it first launched.

These fabric properties make the clothes versatile, great for fitness and active sports, as well as for daily use, so the company chose to communicate the brand as “performance wear you can live in”. This message helped to propel its growth.

In recent years, the UK market has seen a lot of new activewear brands start to use bamboo and other unique natural fabrics, so at this point, BAM needs to get creative and find new angles to communicate, in order to keep its audience loyal.

Choose your communication channels carefully

Be picky about what you communicate, and who you talk to — match the right messages with the right channels to reach out to the right audience.

Now spring has arrived, a healthy London restaurant, for example, has a lot it wants to communicate: a new seasonal spring menu, a healthy bank holiday hamper, a new restaurant manager, or the fact it has started serving organic wine.

A PR consultant needs to decide which of these pieces of news are worth communicating to the wider public, in what order, and what the right channels are for each item. In this instance, the strategy could be as follows:

  • Send out a press note about the new seasonal menu to a list of target media publications. The objectives here would be to get several pieces of coverage in the run-up to the new menu launch and have a few journalists review the menu in the first week of the launch.
  • Send a short note about the seasonal menu to a selection of top local influencers from the food and wellness industry. Aim to get them to visit, taste the food and post stunning images on their social media platforms, tagging the restaurant and mentioning the special menu.
  • Subscribe to a media alerts service (whereby journalists send out information requests to PRs). There are always requests for something seasonal, so there will definitely be someone looking for information on spring-themed promotions. This would be a great way to get your hampers mentioned in the press ahead of time.
  • Finally, the news about a new restaurant manager and organic wine are best to be communicated directly to your customers via a newsletter, social media, in-store posters and leaflets or outdoor signboards.
Write your own story

Don’t have much news to share or don’t feel you have anything particularly unique about your business? Then create a story around your brand.

For example, if you’re a new yoga business in the city offering private yoga for those over 55, while this is your USP, it may not be strong enough to attract any press coverage. If so, why not partner up with an organisation or a business that shares the same target audience?

Run a survey to find out what this particular group is looking for when it comes to staying fit, and compile some statistics –  the results may show that a lot of them first came to yoga because their GP recommended it as a great way to keep their joints healthy. A survey like this would be more appealing to the press and hence your brand has a very high chance of being mentioned.

If you can create a story, you’re more likely to connect with your target audience.

Create and Collaborate

Creative implementation of PR activities doesn’t have to cost the earth. So, brainstorm ways you can implement promotional initiatives with zero budget.

One great tool to consider is cross-collaboration. In this instance, a yoga wear brand could:

  • Partner with a yoga retreat that has a similar target audience by offering its teachers outfits. This would result in images and videos of the clothing being taken in beautiful surroundings.
  • Offer a giveaway to the yoga retreat audience by running a competition via its newsletter, to boost brand visibility.
  • Offer products or discount vouchers for goody bags at upcoming wellness events that attract a similar audience.

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