Leading Swedish Sportswear Brand Casall Launches In The US


STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Longstanding Swedish sportswear brand Casall has launched into the US, as the global athleisure market surpasses $290 billion.

With 35 years of industry experience under its belt, the boutique training brand which focuses on activewear and performance gear is using “a grassroots approach based on PR and community marketing” to gain traction among new consumers.

“With this being the first time most US consumers have been introduced to Casall, we’re working actively to create brand awareness within the US market,” commented CMO, Andrew O’Sullivan.

“By connecting media, influencers and celebrities with our physical products, we’ve been able to generate buzz within the editorial and digital landscapes. The relationships we are fostering are authentic, and our goal is to continue building upon that social community in the US, in order to keep driving athletes and consumers to our own e-commerce channel,” he added.

By leveraging local trainers and investing in people with shared values, Casall plans to build a community of ambassadors to help grow demand for the brand on a global scale.The US is a really important market to build a community in, it’s where trends often start which creates a halo of awareness over the global market,” O’Sullivan told Welltodo.

In the Nordics, Casall has established quite the empire. The brand operates its own stores — a concept store in Stockholm, one at Illum department store in Copenhagen and one at Stockmann Department Store in Helsinki. In addition, it continues to work closely with retail partners in over 20 markets, including high-end specialist sporting goods and department stores such as NK in Sweden, ILLUM in Copenhagen, La Rinescente in Italy and El Cortes Ingles in Spain. The company is reported to be worth $30 million.

“We are on track to have a record year with strong growth in our eComm and owned retail channels,” commented O’Sullivan. “But as a small, independent Swedish brand entering the global market, we need to be humble.”

According to O’Sullivan this will involve a hyper-focused approach when it comes to growth, and striving to stand for something unique and special at the progressive end of the training market.

It is hoped the brand’s Swedish product design values of quality, simplicity, functionality and elegance, alongside its commitment to sustainable practices will appeal to its target audience in key cities like LA and New York.

“We stand for something better. And as the market becomes more premium, we are being sought out as an alternative to the mainstream brands,” commented O’Sullivan.

This he argues, could be the secret sauce that enables Casall to gain a foothold in an increasingly competitive market.

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