Letter From The Editor: Introducing The New Welltodo

If you’ve been reading Welltodo for a while you may have noticed a few changes recently. Over the last month, we’ve shifted our focus away from lifestyle advice and are now focused on bringing you industry news and business insights from the global world of wellness.

A few months ago we realised something very important about you, our readers.

You are not just consumers of the wellness lifestyle, nor are you simply advocates of balanced, healthy living. You’re also the bricks and mortar of a very fast growing industry. You are entrepreneurs, industry professionals, influencers, service providers and investors. You are forward-thinking and your eyes are wide open to the enormous potential of a now $3.4 trillion global wellness industry.

We have taken a step back and thought about how to provide you with useful information, resources and new ways to connect, collaborate and share ideas.

In 2016, you’ll start to see more editorial content focused on industry trends and consumer thinking. We are also launching Business Masterclasses in London, to help the vast number of wellness startups navigate the challenges of early stage growth, in a nourishing environment. Our first masterclass will take place in December; an introduction to branding and how you can drive your business forward with a powerful brand story.

We will also be continuing the Welltodo Founder Series, bringing you monthly panels of successful wellness entrepreneurs to share their own experiences, advice and growth strategies. These events will challenge and inspire you to be more disruptive, more informed, and more responsive. And finally, through a regular series of Trend Forums – we hope to open your eyes to the ‘Future of Wellness’.

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Our vision for Welltodo is to become an essential resource for industry professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers from around the world. Our vision is that by building a strong business community, together we can drive the industry forward and impact a greater number of lives with wellness products and services.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this exciting new chapter, and stick with us for the ride.

Lauren Armes, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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