London’s Coolest New Workout Has Landed In Notting Hill

You might’ve seen our instagram post a few weeks back, about this ultra-cool new fitness trend. We weren’t kidding about that when we featured the ever-so-graceful Elissa in action on her MOTR (bare with us, we’ll explain). But if you haven’t been to Form Studios yet, then we’re about to remind you again, exactly what it is you’re missing out on.

Husband and wife celebrity fitness instructors Elissa Elhadj and Jeremy Abadom, have officially opened the doors to their new Notting Hill studio, where the workout legitimately kicks ass.

It’s called METcore, and you won’t have tried it anywhere else. METcore combines the strength training of Pilates and Yoga with HIIT metabolic interval cardio conditioning (Tabata and TRX) for a full body burn!

“As personal trainers, Jeremy and I have always been immersed in a variety of fitness classes across the globe,” says Elissa, who spent a number of years training clients in LA including (ahem) Al Pacino and Alessandra Ambrosio.

“But we had never come across one that effectively combines these key elements in one session, so we created our own.”

Elissa, who is a devout believer in the results of Reformer Pilates, developed the 50-minute class using a piece of equipment known as a MOTR, which (when done well) appears graceful but (trust us) is incredibly challenging!

London’s Coolest New Workout Has Landed In Notting Hill
Image: Form Studios

Form is the first studio in London to introduce the MOTR. They’re signature METcore class works to sculpt the perfect physique, challenge the core muscles more intensely, and unleash what Elissa describes as “a cocktail of youth-enhancing hormones.”

“METcore encourages your body and brain to produce powerful anti-ageing biochemicals that combat inflammation and oxidative stress, two forces that dramatically accelerate ageing.”

With a maximum of 8 per class, Elissa and her team play the all-important role of ensuring you’re getting the most out of the intense session, without overtraining. However, she isn’t shy about the importance of raising your heartrate and working up a sweat.

There are no membership or joining fees and classes run throughout the day, from 7am to 8pm, seven days a week. Your first class is free and then prices range from £17 per class (if booked in a block of 40) to £27 for 1 class, with various class package options available.