London’s Healthy Rebels Fighting For A Delicious Cause


‘Healthy snacks that don’t taste like rubbery old boots’… That’s the crux of the Rebel Kitchen philosophy and why we find it absolutely necessary to shout about their new range of natural, sugar-free mylks.

A force to be reckoned with, Rebel Kitchen are a UK-based company on a mission to provide welltodo Londoners with healthy, nourishing snacks.

Rebel Kitchen have produced a delicious range of coconut milk-based drinks that win the battle against additives, with a list of ingredients you can count on one hand.

Rebel Kitchen

Image: Rebel Kitchen

The range currently includes Chocolate Mylk, Matcha Green Tea Mylk, Chai Mylk, Orange Choc Mylk and Banana Mylk. And Mylk, in case you wondered if our spell check had failed us, is a dairy-free gift to wellness warriors. With water and coconut milk as a base, and date nectar as a sweetener, the rest of the goodness comes from superfoods like cacao, orange oil, and matcha green tea.

Branded with an army of fruity bandits, Rebel Kitchen take a strong stance against refined sugar, additives and preservatives.

It’s no surprise that Rebel are already being nominated for product awards (including The Natural and Organic Awards) left, right and centre.

Get your hands on the Rebel Kitchen range, currently available from Whole Foods Market, Daylesford, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Waitrose, Ocado and a number of smaller health food retailers. Or stock up online at

welltodo London is currently running an Instagram competition which gives one lucky ‘grammer the chance to win the full range.

Tried them? Love them? Let us know what you think below.


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