London’s Heathrow Airport To Open FlyFit Wellness Studio


LONDON, United Kingdom –– Heathrow has entered into an exclusive partnership with new wellness brand FlyFit to open the world’s first wellness studio in an airport.

Launching this autumn, the studio will offer passengers both instructor-led and interactive strength, restorative yoga, and cardio classes – a concept that will push the boundaries of wellness travel further than ever before.

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As a long time instructor, coach, triathlete and entrepreneur, FlyFit Co-Founder, Lauren Perkins revealed that the venture was born out of her experience of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a frequent traveller.

Along with her business partner Brian Chappon; a social entrepreneur with a background in investment, Perkins says the duo wanted to create “a space for fitness and community that has previously been lacking in airports.”

To provide a convenient and all-encompassing solution, the brand new, state-of-the-art space will also offer travellers rental workout clothing, shower facilities and healthy food options.

Working closely with Heathrow, Perkins and Chappon explain that they have managed to create a new-age wellness and travel concept that is both a premium, yet accessible reality for travellers.

The airport, which invests heavily in its customer experience, understands the pair’s ambition to change the way people travel, making it a perfect launch partner, says Chappon. If the concept proves successful he and Perkins plan to roll-out the wellness concept globally.

With over 16 million passengers flying through Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2 each year, FlyFit has the potential to attract a high number of customers, especially whilst it enjoys its first mover advantage ––  a position Heathrow is keen to promote.

“We are delighted to be the first airport in the world to provide a calming, convenient exercise space for improving passenger’s health and well-being,” commented Chris Annetts, Heathrow’s Retail and Service Proposition Director.

“The new premium service from FlyFit brings personalized exercise choices into our customer’s journey, leaving them refreshed and ready for their onward travel,” he added. And, as the aviation industry continues to look to wellness to add value to the customer journey, FlyFit could be the first of many boutique wellness studios attempting to capture the growing market.

Brian Chappon, Co-Founder of FlyFit will be joining the Welltodo Summit on 13th July, to discuss how wellness is influencing the way we shop, travel and work. To hear his insights and be a part of the wellness industry’s most powerful conversation about the business of wellness, get your tickets here.

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