London’s Most Sought After, Nutritionally Inspired Supper Clubs


There’s a new style of Supper Club taking over the city, driven by a few key (and greatly admired) wellness gurus; and they’re in seriously hot demand! Nourishing and nutritionally-inspired menus are the order of the evening, served by the candlelit glow of healthy and naturally radiant faces.

We were blown away by your response to the announcement of Deliciously Ella’s Supper Club, which sold out in 20 minutes flat. Ella’s second round ticket release then went quicker than buckwheat hot cakes!

So here is a wrap up of a few of your favourite welltodo Londoners and their highly sought after suppers…

Deliciously Ella’s Supper Club

Ella Woodward is showing welltodo Londoners how it’s done. Whilst her lifestyle looks effortless, Ella is a constant reminder that a healthy, happy (and illness-free) existence only comes through dedication and commitment… but definitely doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. She creates simple recipes that make typically unhealthy dishes divinely healthy. After the success of the Deliciously Ella app, Ella has featured on national television and in a number of high profile publications. The proof is in the (chia) pudding; Londoners love the wellness revolution and are looking to leaders like Ella for inspiration.

The launch this week of Ella’s Supper Club, with all 140 tickets selling out in under an hour, will no doubt be the first of many. For those lucky enough to have snaffled a spot, this will certainly be a three-course culinary delight to remember.

When: 23rd and 24th July
Where: Paradise Restaurant, 19 Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green London W10 4AE
Tickets: Sold Out


Image: Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella | Twitter | Instagram

Madeleine Shaw’s Supper Club

Madeleine has also made quite the imprint on London’s wellness scene. A lifestyle pioneer in her own right, Madeleine has garnered a reputation for her encouraging and inclusive attitude toward health and wellness. A qualified nutritional health coach and yoga teacher in training, Madeleine’s personal coaching program is internationally sought after. Her blog covers issues like overcoming the fear of yoga and “beating the bloat”, in amongst a myriad of thoughtfully crafted, free-from recipes.

This month Madeleine has announced her first Supper Club to be held at Grace Belgravia, a luxury women’s wellbeing club in Knightsbridge. Madeleine will be serving a two course meal which caters for a range of taste buds and dietary preferences, and sounds seriously delectable! Full details here:

When: 5.30pm – 8pm, Sunday 8th June
Where: Grace Belgravia, 11c West Halkin St London SW1X 8JL
Tickets: £35 – to pre-purchase and secure a place call Grace Belgravia 020 7235 8900


Image: Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw | Twitter | Instagram #gettheglow

The Camberwell Kitchen

When London-based couple Rosie and Ant opened the door of their Camberwell flat to serve gluten-free suppers, they were blown away by the response. With space for only 14 guests, the couple have quickly realised that London’s audience for nutritionally inspired, gluten-free cooking, has rapidly outgrown their living room. We’re excited to hear that they are now expanding to Brixton Village.

“We’re lucky to live in an inspiring area of London where we can take advantage of amazing, high quality, local ingredients”, the couple tell us.

“Rosie (AKA @GlutenfreeRosie) is a celiac, training to be a Dietitian, so we wanted to create a Supper Club serving the type of gluten-free food you wouldn’t come across day-to-day (such as homemade ravioli or Vietnamese dumplings). We can’t wait to expand from our flat to Brixton Village where we’re holding our first gluten-free brunch pop-up on August 17th”. Details below:

When: Sunday 17th August
Where: Brixton Village (Venue TBC)
Tickets Essential: visit and join the mailing list to receive information regarding ticket sales, or email [email protected]

Image: Camberwell Kitchen

Camberwell Kitchen | Twitter | Gluten-Free Rosie’s Instagram

If you know of any health-inspired, nourishing Supper Clubs in London. We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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