London’s Newest Wellness Event To Explore Health Optimisation With Global Pioneers


LONDON, United Kingdom — London is gearing up for the arrival of a brand new consumer health and wellness event; the Health Optimisation Summit, which will drive the current conversation around wellness forward by focusing on biohacking, health and fitness, preventative and functional medicine.

The groundbreaking two-day event, running from 14th to 15th September, in partnership with Upgrade Labs and Paleo F(X) will feature world-leading speakers including Bulletproof Coffee founder and proclaimed father of biohacking Dave Asprey, founder of Paleo F(X) Keith Norris, Dr Andrew Hill founder of Neurofeedback Peak Brain Institute, CEO of Upgrade Labs Martin Tobias, and author of  ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ John Gray.

Topics such as gut optimisation, preventative medicine, the past, present and future of biohacking and how exercise can be used to boost the immune system, will challenge guests to consider new approaches to health and explore unconventional ideas that will impact the future of the wellness industry.

The summit, which is the first of its kind in the UK, will also feature discussion panels, hands-on workshops, Q&A sessions, community-building experiences and cutting edge brands from the health and wellness space.

According to Tim Gray, the brainchild behind the event: “Everybody wants better health, increased energy and mental clarity and a better functioning immune system, they just need a little clarity and guidance” –– that’s where he sees the summit playing a role.

With the central tenet of the event revolving around community, the idea is that “it will bring together people who are into the health and fitness movement, and want to achieve better health but don’t necessarily know how all of the different elements fit together” –– something he once struggled with himself.

Having fallen ill around eight years ago, the founder of, and investor in, several successful London-based digital marketing agencies, stumbled across the biohacking movement after researching solutions for his health concerns. 

Introduced to Bulletproof Coffee and Dave Asprey, his passion for the world of biohacking quickly developed, leading him to set up London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic and eventually the Biohacker London Meetup group — a now, 1200-person strong social circle exploring the techniques and technologies available to optimise health and performance.

However, despite cultivating a niche community of advocates, throughout his journey Gray kept coming up against two major stumbling blocks. Firstly, a lack of mainstream visibility around the movement in London and secondly the limiting reach of the word biohacker. With the Health Optimisation Summit, he plans on changing that.

“What we need to do now is fuel awareness” he explains.

“Ninety-Nine percent of the population want to optimise their health, so there’s no reason why it can’t catch on. But we have to change the perception around biohacking and instead think about it as health optimisation to engage a wider demographic,” he adds.

What started as a label people could attach themselves to, is becoming more normalised than people realise, argues Gray. 

A shift in what constitutes biohacking has also helped the sector to be taken more seriously in recent years, with the “Global Biohacking Market” now on course for significant growth. 

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However, the addition of a collaborative and educational event like the Health Optimisation Summit has the potential to speed progress up and help push the movement further into the mainstream.

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