Cold-Pressed Juice From Farm To Shoreditch High Street


If you’ve been out and about on Shoreditch High Street lately, you may have spotted Lovage; quoted simply on its tinted (and somewhat inconspicuous) glass shopfront as being a ‘seasonal, farm-to-street kitchen rooted in the body’s self-healing nature and the belief that food is powerful’. If that’s not enticement enough to get you in the queue for a freshly cold-pressed juice or shake – we’re certain that this insight from Manager, Samuel Howard, most certainly will.

Can you share a little about your background?

I used to work in a bar and was desperate for a change of lifestyle, so I swapped late nights and alcohol for early mornings and juices.

So how did Lovage come about?

Lovage was born alongside Ace Hotel Shoreditch. The concept was to provide a sort of food pharmacy — a place that could provide and promote liquid well-being to people both street-side and in the hotel.

Lovage is described as a farm-to-street juice kitchen; does this capture the ethos of the business?

Yes, absolutely. We work with local suppliers to source produce brought in fresh from the farms. All of our products are made in our kitchen — we get a box of vegetables in the morning and clear it out by day’s end.

Can you run through the typical Lovage menu?

Currently our menu consists of our cold-pressed juices, shakes and teas.

Our three juice blends are:
• The sweet and intense Ruby — beetroot, red cabbage, apple and carrot
• The light and floral Coral — carrot, red pepper, cauliflower and apple
• The grassy and herbaceous Viridian — kale, courgette, spinach, fennel, lettuce, parsley, chickweed and apple

The shakes we make are an on-the-go alternative to cold-press — they’re also thicker, pretty much liquid meals. These include our popular Banana & Soy shake and the Avocado & Greens shake.

The teas that we make are turned into syrup-like tinctures, and then mixed with either hot or cold water. These include the Lemon, Ginger & Honey, the Cinnamon & Apricot and the Rosehip & Apple teas.

Image: Lovage

Why is the philosophy important to you?

Lovage’s philosophy hinges on the importance of seasonality and well-being. We see our cold-press juices and other products as natural ways to maintain physical health, which in turn promotes happiness and health of the mind. Seasonality’s important — it’s important that local farms are supported, that we rely on produce that’s a part of our natural ecology and stay conscious of our carbon footprint. Sourcing produce from local farms ensures the best possible freshness, which allows our juices to be as pure and nutrient rich as possible.

What is the plan for Lovage beyond the current offering?

The season is changing and that means new produce will be available locally — we want our new products to showcase that. The hotter weather will also dictate the style of juices and shakes — they’ll be lighter and in some cases sweeter. The recipes will always involve a lot of research into the health benefits of each component, so the focus on well-being will be continued throughout the year.

Image: Lovage

How do you see the health and wellness industry in London and attitudes towards ‘the principles of healing natural remedies’?

There’s been a steady increase in wellness outlets in London — both juice shops and outlets that specialise in other products — it’s noticeable in East London especially. The preference for health and well-being is becoming increasingly widespread, so it’s inspiring to see outlets catering to people’s increased understanding open across the capital.

Lovage is open from 7am-6pm daily, at Ace Hotel London, 100 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JQ


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