Malaysian Wellness Startup PurelyB Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Fund Expansion Into New Markets

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia-based health and wellness portal PurelyB has launched an equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign, to drive expansion into new markets.

The initiative, which has already exceeded its minimum target of RM300,000 (approx $700k), could fetch up to RM2.7 million (approx $6m), via Ata Plus, a licensed ECF platform. The funds raised from the campaign will contribute towards the brand’s overall strategy to finance growth and expansion across Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Middle East and Australia.

“The plans include revamping our platform with new interactive features, launching new services from new premium health programmes to a growing library of engaging video content and more, all tailored to the needs of our customers,” explains Co-Founder Jesrina Arshad.

Launched in 2015, PurelyB has grown a strong audience in Malaysia and Hong Kong as a trusted holistic wellness community and content guide. The startup’s goal is to build relationships, support businesses and increase awareness about health and wellness in the region.

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Backed by $830k in funding from two seed rounds led by Silicon-Valley based venture capitalist fund 500 Startups, over the past two years, the women-only founded company has achieved impressive growth of 1000%, from 10,000 to 100,000 monthly users.

Now with the help of its loyal community, PurleyB plans to bring its solutions to a wider audience, and on a global scale, explains Arshad.

“We aim to become the leading health and wellness lifestyle brand and destination in Asia, potentially even globally. Our overall vision is to invigorate Asia, improve the quality of life of many and empower sustainable holistic lifestyle change,” she tells Welltodo.

According to Arshad, the health and wellness market in Asia is on an upward trajectory, with beauty, anti-aging, healthy diets, nutrition and weight loss making up the bulk of the interest. The key drivers for this change, she argues, are a rise in awareness, as well as an increase in availability of local, healthy options.

“The sudden influx of healthy lifestyle solutions from healthy food deliveries, cold-pressed juice bars and one-stop fitness solutions across multi-countries in the past 1-2 years is a clear indicator of the growing demand,” she explains.

And, “with the industry currently shifting towards holistic wellness and natural health, making healthy solutions for digitally-connected consumers more accessible, is where the future of wellness will evolve.”

As Asia’s wellness industry continues to grow, Jesrina argues that demand for an ecosystem like PurelyB, that brings everything together on one platform, will become even more widespread.

“Thus continuously keeping up with the latest health trends, offerings and consumer needs, whilst staying true to our vision and mission, is key to evolving our platform and staying ahead of the curve,” she adds.

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