Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists

As part of our Business of Wellness Summit in London on 4th June; a groundbreaking event bringing together 500 influencers and change-makers to discuss the future of the wellness industry, we’re giving three ‘standout’ wellness startups the chance to pitch to a live panel of investors and compete to win a prize pool of specially curated business services.

Joining industry experts, investors and founders of the world’s leading wellness brands, as well as a global audience who want to immerse themselves in the wellness industry, discover new innovations and learn about future wellness trends, these startups will have the potential to kickstart their business and accelerate growth.

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Blown away by the amount of inspirational and innovative pitches submitted, we’ve whittled down the entries, choosing these seven semi-finalists.

With the chance to win a prize package including workspace at one of WeWork’s prime co-working spaces, XERO Accounting Services, mentoring from TrueStart, bespoke legal advice from industry leading lawyers, Bird & Bird, and much more.

Which three startups will make it to the live final on the 4th June and propel their wellness brand to the next level?

Fresh Fitness Food

What is the concept behind Fresh Fitness Food?

Fresh Fitness Food  is an innovative supplier of personalised meals tailored to the client’s nutritional requirements, tastes and fitness goals. Offering a convenient and delicious lifestyle solution for people who want to be fitter and healthier but do not have the time or motivation to prepare their own food, Fresh Fitness Food gives people the ability to eat how they want to eat.

Who are the Founders?

Fresh Fitness Food was started in 2012 by ex-City lawyer, Jared Williams.

Frustrated by how difficult it was to eat the way he wanted, Williams took his passion for food and created a solution for people who don’t have enough time to plan, shop, cook and clean.

How does the business impact the wellness industry?

Fresh Fitness Food makes healthy eating easy and tasty. In doing so, we offer a powerful solution to a very modern and very widespread problem; namely, people do not have the time, knowledge or motivation to eat what they need in order to live life to its fullest.

Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists
Image: Fresh Fitness Food

What is the concept behind is the easiest way to find and share health tips and products online for everyday health and wellness issues.

Think of it as Trip Advisor (or Yummly) meets MindBodyGreen – our unique platform allows users to see all available options, sorted by popularity, and make informed decisions on how to treat their own (and their family’s) day-to-day wellness issues, from Flu to FOMO to Fear Of Flying.

Who are the Founders?

After receiving her MBA from Columbia University in 2014, Serena Oppenheim started out of the Columbia University Start-up Lab in New York City.

How does your business impact the wellness industry?’s potential impact on the wellness industry is huge, as we build out a database of every option to help with everyday topics like stress or headaches.

Because each health tip is rated and reviewed, ranging from and including expert advice, remedies like mindfulness apps and products that can ease and relieve stress, users will finally be able to give their opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists


What is the concept behind Wanderfuel? 

Wanderfuel is health food and wellness content designed for airlines and travellers.

Who are the Founders? 

Founded by health nut and former journalist Corey Angelo, along with plant­-based private chef and wellness practitioner Noel Graupner.

The duo are on a mission to enable people to enjoy the healthy food and experiences they crave, even while travelling.

How does the business impact the wellness industry? 

People are travelling more than ever, yet the industry remains stuck in the past when it comes to nutrition.

Wanderfuel is the only solution designed for the health-conscious traveller, striving to make the world healthier by giving people the tools to understand how they can be fueling their body and feeling their best all the time.

Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists
Image: Wanderfuel


What is the concept behind MyMoodandMe?

MyMoodandMe is a collaboration of five healthcare professionals who have designed an online corporate wellbeing programme. It is everything you need to give you a structured way of enhancing your wellbeing.

Who are the Founders? 

Founded by Richard Murphy, an Exercise Advisor and Nicole Paulie, a Counselling Psychologist; the pair launched MyMoodandMe to provide people with an online holistic and comprehensive approach to making themselves feel better both physically and mentally.

How does the business impact the wellness industry? 

We have a vision of becoming a leading online health centre and to bring health professionals together in one environment.

We aim to be the ‘one stop shop’ for improving your wellness in the corporate environment.

Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists
Image: MyMoodandMe

The Holistic Pet Company

What is the concept behind The Holistic Pet Company?

The Holistic Pet Company has developed a range of natural products which harness the natural healing power of herbs for animals – formulated by fully qualified vet and herbalist Holly Mash.

Who are the Founders? 

Dr Holly Mash has been a holistic vet for over 10 years. Developing her products with the help of her cocker spaniel Penny, she worked in referral practice in Bristol and London before starting The Holistic Pet Company in 2014.

How does the business impact the wellness industry? 

The Holistic Pet Company exists to help support your pet’s wellbeing gently and naturally, with a range of natural pet health products including teas, balms and shampoos. This is a rapidly growing sector in the animal healthcare industry.

Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists
Images: The Holistic Pet Company


What is the concept behind CorkYogis?

CorkYogis is a business and social enterprise specialising in eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mats. Cork is great for yoga because of its amazing grip that increases as you sweat, it also lasts 3-5 years longer than your average yoga mat.

For every purchase made we help women in India escape the sex trade and find dignified employment through education and skills.

Who are the Founders?

Founder, Lara Sengupta is a 25-year-old yoga enthusiast living in London. Following the completion of her biology degree, the young entrepreneur decided to combine her love for yoga with her passion for women’s rights in India to create CorkYogis.

How does the business impact the wellness industry?

CorkYogis will revolutionise the wellness industry in the UK. Cork Yoga mats provide a safe, non slip, eco-friendly yoga mat that will last 3-5 years longer than your average yoga mat. By combining our business with a charity we are allowing women to make a big impact with every purchase.

Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists
Image: Cork Yogis


What is the concept behind Fiternity?

Fiternity aims to be London’s premier boutique gym companion, connecting fitness enthusiasts to studios in a dynamic and exciting way.

The app serves as a hub for the boutique fitness community, allowing users to discover the hottest fitness events, participate in class-based challenges, and engage with others through fitness-based social networking.

Who are the Founders? 

Stephanie Fujarczuk, Fiternity’s founder, has a strong business background having obtained an Honours in Business Administration, a Juris Doctor, and a Masters in Organisational Behaviour.

After moving to London, Stephanie became inspired by the rise of the fitness industry and started Fiternity.

How does the business impact the wellness industry? 

Fiternity brings a digital layer to the boutique gym experience, allowing fitness studios to engage with users on a new and innovative level like never before.

Each partner studio is outfitted with a unique beacon that sends customised content to users when at the gym, providing an enhanced customer experience.  This, in addition to the app’s other functionalities, will allow Fiternity to grow the fitness industry.

Meet The BOW Pitch Contest Semi-Finalists
Image: Fiternity