Mindbody’s 2022 Wellness Index Report Insights

Mindbody, the leading provider of software to global wellness providers, has released its findings from a survey it ran with more than 16,000 Americans. 

The 2022 Mindbody Wellness Index found that the definition of “wellness” is evolving which, it claims, presents a myriad of exciting opportunities for the salon, spa and integrated health industries.

In key findings that explored the definition of wellness, Mindbody’s report explains that “wellness” now ecompasses a whole lot more than just being in shape. Reducing stress, feeling confident and having a sense of community, are all key aspects of the new definition – spanning mental, physical and spiritual dimensions.

Other key findings explored in the report, include:

  • 65% of Americans believe beauty/grooming is a part of wellness
  • 78% say wellness is more important than ever
  • Women’s mental wellbeing was more affected by the pandemic than men’s
  • The wellness industry is rebounding – but there’s still room for growth
  • Millennial men present a surprising opportunity for growth
  • Skincare is a priority – with 48% of American prioritising it over the past year
  • Immune-support, sparked by the pandemic, is a category that is here to stay

The full report, is available for download from the Mindbody website.