Nama Shines The Spotlight On Raw Vegan Food In Notting Hill


Londoners may not have as firm a grip on the concept of ‘raw vegan’ as some of our international foodie friends; but the overwhelming response to the opening of Nama Foods in Notting Hill last month, is a sure indication that we’re catching on… Quick smart!

Image: Nama Foods

Whilst the idea of raw vegan might be new to many, Nama’s Founders Irene Arango and Rich Havardi are seasoned experts. Both Irene and Rich were inspired to share their knowledge and culinary skills, after experiencing the benefits of a raw vegan diet themselves. Now they’re shining the spotlight on it for the rest of us.

Nama’s organic, mouth-watering menu, which includes lasagne verdure, zucchini pasta, and blueberry cheesecake, will have you struggling to believe that Irene and Rich’s dishes are all uncooked, without wheat, and completely free of animal products (don’t let the names fool you). Each dish is also beautifully presented.

Thai Coconut Curry | Image: Nama Foods

For what seems like quite an extreme concept, Irene’s philosophy is very much about listening and responding to what your own body needs. “It is important to find your own balance and what is right for you,” she tells us.

The pair are enormously passionate about the way health and wellness is reshaping London. Part of Nama’s mission is to enrich and inspire, to use organic food from sustainable and ethical sources, and to introduce Londoners to an alternative way of eating.

As well as their Notting Hill-based café, Nama Foods offer workshops, catering and detox programs. If you ask nicely enough, we’ve also heard that Irene makes the best raw birthday cakes in town.

Nama Foods is almost certainly pioneering a new wave of raw vegan inspired café eateries in London. They have, however, set the bar incredibly high!

Nama Raw Artisan Foods is now open Monday-Thursday 8:30-19:00, Friday 8:30-22:00, Saturday 10:00-22:00 and Sunday 10:00-18:00

110 Talbot Rd, Notting Hill W11 1JR

Learn more about the Nama philosophy at


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