Natural Cycles Announces Ground Breaking Partnership With Oura Ring

SAN FRANCISCO, United States – The first FDA-cleared birth control app, Natural Cycles, has announced a partnership with OURA smart rings to enable a completely revolutionised insight into personalised health data.

Almost a year after receiving FDA clearance to integrate with third party wearables, Natural Cycles can now integrate via the Oura Ring. This, it says, is a game changer for anyone wanting to prevent or plan pregnancy naturally.

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Users of the Natural Cycles app will now be able to sync temperature trend data straight from the Oura Ring, which means they’ll no longer have to manually take temperatures with an oral thermometer each day.

“We have been actively working on delivering a seamless measuring experience for our users and we were thrilled when we received FDA clearance to use the Oura Ring with our algorithm,” said Natural Cycles co-founder and CEO Dr. Elina Berglund Scherwitzl.

“We are proud to officially launch this partnership and work alongside a company that is similarly committed to delivering advanced health tools to women at a time when it has never been more important. With the help of Oura data, Natural Cycles is powering the future of birth control,” she added.

In 2018, the FDA cleared Natural Cycles as the first contraceptive app, making birth control history. Now, the company has moved one step further by utilizing temperature trend data from the Oura Ring,  providing women with an innovative and effortless experience to plan or prevent pregnancy without hormones.

“Partnering with Natural Cycles is a natural fit given our research has shown that skin temperature data from the Oura Ring can detect important temperature changes throughout the menstrual cycle, including increases around the LH surge, which occurs just before ovulation, and decreases nearing menstruation,” said Holly Shelton, Senior Vice President of Consumer Product at ŌURA. “The partnership between Natural Cycles and Oura shows the power of technology to enable women to better understand and take control of their fertility.”

The partnership represents an extraordinary shift forward in the support for and conversation around reproductive health and the market’s response to needs of an ever evolving consumer.