New Lab Aims To Create Healthier Spaces To Live, Work & Play

A ground-breaking research facility has launched in America with the aim of revolutionising the way we live work and play.

The Well Living Lab, a collaboration between wellness real-estate pioneers, Delos and leading medical group, The Mayo Clinic, will spearhead cutting-edge research that could completely transform the indoor habitat.

The one-of-a-kind human-centered research facility will focus on the study of the indoor environment and how it affects wellbeing, in a bid to create healthier spaces – from residential homes to schools.

Speaking publicly about the launch, Brent Bauer. M.D., Medical Director of the Well Living Lab outlined the importance of the new facility:

“There is a growing awareness and body of scientific evidence that indoor, built environments can affect human health and well-being, with the perception often being that indoor environments have a negative impact on health. But new knowledge shows that by building healthier indoor environments, we can actually preserve and enhance human health and quality of life.”

The Well Living Lab collaboration with Delos and the Mayo Clinic
Image: Delos/CBRE Headquarters

Delos is well versed in creating innovative wellness-centric environments, with previous real-estate designs including the CBRE headquarters in Los Angeles and student accommodation which features vitamin-C infused shower water, lighting strategies to regulate melatonin levels to promote better sleep, and aromatherapy to enhance the atmosphere.

The extraordinary lab (seen below) features research space that is sensor-rich and can be reconfigured to simulate a wide variety of real-world environments. This will allow researchers to design exciting studies to better understand how indoor spaces, and everything in them, can positively influence human health.

“The Well Living Lab will be a leader in translating scientific research into practical solutions for indoor environments that have the potential to enhance human health and quality of life in a multitude of ways,” Peter Scialla COO, Delos explained.

Areas of study will cover the impact environmental factors such as lighting, nutrition and the work environment can have on sleep, performance, stress and fitness, with a view to guide developers and manufacturers toward healthier solutions.

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