Online Training Methods Drive New Global Fitness Industry


As founder of London’s successful PilatesPT studio, award winning trainer Hollie Grant has been sculpting bodies for years. Her challenging and results-driven technique, which works on reducing body fat and creating a leaner physique is an acclaimed method that has received glowing reviews from consumers and celebrities in equal measure.

With sold-out classes and demand from would-be customers located outside of London, expanding the brand seemed like the logical next step. But instead of broadening her physical presence, Grant has decided to shift her focus to the digital space, with the launch of The Model Method online.

Providing consumers with a completely personalised fitness and food guide, The Model Method online taps into a rapidly growing market for virtual fitness programs, which gives brands the opportunity to penetrate a global market that would otherwise remain untouched – sans the overheads. This is something Grant feels passionately about, but her passion is fueled by a personal mission rather than a commercial one.

“It was never part of the bigger plan to go global, I just wanted to help as many people as I could. Taking The Model Method online means I get to teach more people – it’s all about accessibility,” Grant told Welltodo.

And with 70% of sign-ups coming from the US since the site launched, it seems Grant’s dream is being fast becoming a reality.

The Model Method online, is comprised of a six week plan beginning with a lengthy consultation where customers are asked to input their measurements, upload photographs and answer questions about their bodies. Based on this information the client is sent six workout videos tailored to their specific needs alongside nutritional information, recipes and fitness testing. This is where Grant feels her USP lies.

Hollie Backbend

In contrast to alternative offerings like The Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines, which is functions only as a one size fits all guide, The Model Method is highly adaptable. Support is provided throughout the 6 weeks and as results are monitored each plan can be adjusted according to the individual client.

“As a business model the Kayla model is brilliant as once it’s out there you have your money, but with the Model Method it makes sure everyone gets really good results rather than just making money. We’re really invested in the client, we get to hear what they think and if it’s not working or if it’s too difficult we can adjust it. It’s not like they’ve bought it and that’s that,” says Grant.

“Because I’m my own target audience I really knew what people would require, so when it came to the online plan I had in my mind exactly what I wanted it to be. I just carried out research to make sure I was offering something different – I didn’t want to replicate anything, I wanted to fix that gap,” she added.

In essence, The Model Method online relies on substance rather than image. It has been tried and tested and Grant is quick to point out that along with her instructors at the studio, they practice what they preach by carrying out the exercises themselves – that way they have a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t.

“We’re extending what is already physically there,” says Grant, whose STOTT training and years of teaching inspired her to take dynamic pilates exercises and mold them in order to increase their effectiveness.

There are lots of consumers who have no idea what they are doing, are intimidated or are simply desperate for help, which is where The Model Method online comes in. It offers a comprehensive guide that aims to change the consumer’s attitude towards food and movement in a way that will ultimately alter their lifestyle, Grant hopes.

“Because it’s so individual it means it’s more sustainable long term and moving forward fitness guides are only going to get more in-depth,” she muses. And so as the the fitness industry becomes more globalised, professional trainers like Grant are maximising the opportunity to reach a mass audience, a trend set to rise.


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