Panasonic Launches Futuristic Line Of Wellness-Focused Products


OSAKA, Japan — Panasonic has unveiled a new line of products aimed at promoting wellbeing in the home, as the technology giant takes aim at the $4.2tn wellness industry.

‘Balance of Being’, a collection of six near-future design concepts created in collaboration with Benjamin Hubert’s design agency Layer, includes a smart cooking appliance, a skin analysis device combined with a smoothie maker, a smart head massager, an LED light treatment for hair and additional smart skincare devices. 

“Balance of Being aims to close this gap between technology and our lifestyles, focusing more on human interaction, comfort, enhancing our lifestyles, and providing truly meaningful experiences with technology allowing us to bond with one another instead of our devices,” explained Rowan Williams, creative lead from Panasonic Design’s London team. 

“All products react and deliver based on the rich living knowledge of you and your family, building a thorough and safe understanding of needs to deliver incredibly personal outputs that brings balance to being,” added a representative at Layer.

Panasonic Launches Futuristic Line Of Wellness-Focused Products

Image: Panasonic

Grow, a headband style device provides advanced infrared light treatment to promote healthy hair growth. Wave, a smart massaging device for the head can be used to condition the user’s scalp and relieve stress in various situations, at home or work. Tone, a product that sits around the wearer’s neck, aims to improve the complexion and health of their skin using steam and LED light treatments, while skincare device Ease delivers invisible infrared lighting and fine steam to elevate skin condition.

Based on an intelligent visual analysis of an individual’s health, Shot uses camera sensing and advanced AI, combined with a selection of fresh frozen fruit and vegetable to deliver bespoke beverages. Lift, meanwhile, a smart cooking appliance using advanced heat, pressure and sensor technology, “lifts” food to its most optimal nutritional state. 

Panasonic Launches Futuristic Line Of Wellness-Focused Products

Image: Panasonic

Each device uses technology to enhance everyday rituals and create a greater sense of wellbeing for the user, says Panasonic.

“We are curious in how we engage with products and the knowledge that they can build of us and our families,” said Takehiro Ikeda, creative director of Panasonic Design on the launch of the new range. 

“How do we intersect our aspirations of a more natural world with experiences that are technologically enabled? This creates many exciting questions for Panasonic; opening opportunities for new paradigms of products and experiences that allow us to lead our lives in more meaningful ways that bring balance,” he added.

Like Panasonic, an uprising of tech brands are pivoting their focus towards the wellness space. 

Both Apple and Google have been doubling down on wellness when it comes to their devices while brands including Amazon, Bose and Nintendo continue to sharpen their focus on the industry.

As the lines between home, wellbeing and technology continue to converge, the leading brands of tomorrow are rethinking their strategy to position themselves at the intersection.

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