PepsiCo Announces The Wellness Disruptors Joining its New Incubator Programme


LONDON, United Kingdom — PepsiCo has chosen eight disruptive wellness brands including lower sugar snack brand Nibble Protein, dairy and gluten free smoothie bowls Revolicious and organic, vegan-friendly drinks capsules Rokit Pods, to join its first collaborative incubator programme in Europe.

The PepsiCo Nutrition Greenhouse, designed to support entrepreneurs in the wellness space, will offer each startup a €25,000 grant and six months support from PepsiCo experts, to help accelerate the growth of its business. At the end of the programme, the company that demonstrates the most breakthrough market approach, that is both sustainable and scalable, will be awarded a €100,000 prize to continue its expansion.

“PepsiCo has constantly adapted with an eye towards the future. We’ve anticipated major shifts in the consumer landscape and business environment and have retooled to ensure we are positioned for sustainable growth. We were an early mover in the health and wellness space 20+ years ago and we keep learning every day,” commented Juan Ignacio Amat, Vice President Nutrition for PepsiCo Western Europe.

“We are delighted to be returning with our ‘Nutrition Greenhouse’ programme for a second year. Our overarching goal remains the same – to partner with the best and brightest food and beverage entrepreneurs in Europe and give them the opportunity to bring their products to the world on a global scale.”

Launched in 2017, the PepsiCo Nutrition Greenhouse focuses on nutrition food and beverage products aimed at European consumers with sales of €2 million or less. Working with wellness brands that have demonstrated a scalable business model and uniqueness in the market, the incubator aims to help them realise their market potential.

Last year startups including birch water brand TAPPED, healthy meal company Fit Kitchen and the winner, plant-based nutrition brand Erbology, worked with PepsiCo through a series of in-person workshops and virtual events, to address immediate market challenges and put in place plans to achieve accelerated growth.

For Erbology, the incubator supported the launch of 11 new products, as well as developing its approach with retailers. The company is now listed on Ocado.

Looking to replicate Erbology’s success, one of this year’s participants Nibble Protein, hopes the incubator will enable them to tackle their next stage of growth more effectively.

“We’re really excited and honoured to have been selected for the programme,” explained Founder, Erin Moroney, who recently returned from the Nutrition Greenhouse programme launch in Barcelona.

“The mentoring will be particularly invaluable as we scale up to meet the growing demand for our bites.”

For PepsiCo meanwhile, the nutrition greenhouse incubator remains an important initiative, as it adapts to changes in the way consumers view nutrition and health and wellness.

Together with the entire greenhouse team, it hopes to drive sustainable growth for new breakthrough brands, while harnessing the power of convenient, nutritious products in the process.


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