Pioneering Wellness and Fitness Co-working Space Opens in Singapore


SINGAPORE — A direct challenge to the traditional gym model, Core Collective is an innovative co-working and community space set to revolutionise the wellness industry in Singapore.

Drawing from the best ideas and concepts from co-working spaces around the world, Aurum Group has opened a first-of-its-kind collaborative centre, Core Collective, for health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs and freelancers in Singapore.

Equipped with a gym, treatment rooms, Yoga and Pilates studios, conference rooms and even a boxing ring, Core Collective is a 23,600 square foot co-working space that aims to remove the traditional barriers of entry for ‘resident’ health and fitness practitioners.  

“We realised there was a need for such a co-working space when my brother and I helped an osteopath and a boxing coach start up their own businesses and they were frustrated working for somebody else’s practice and gym,” explains Michelle Yong, Founder of Core Collective.

“The capital outlay and long lease periods, as well as having to take on administrative aspects, are high barriers of entry for those looking to start or expand their existing business. Core Collective aims to lower those barriers to allow business owners to focus on working with their patients and clients rather than negotiating leases and fitting out premises.”

For members (clients of the ‘residents’) Core Collective is a one-stop-shop where fitness and wellness services are provided at an excellent location and with premium levels of customer service. Services include Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Osteopathy, Psychology, Boxing, Personal Training, Pilates, TRX, and Yoga all under one roof.  

“From the members’ perspective, we realised how inconvenient it can be to have to travel to multiple locations to seek treatment and to train. With Core Collective we are improving the continuity of care and convenience at the same time,” says Yong. 

The space has the most comprehensive range of facilities in Singapore – 29 furnished treatment rooms, a fully equipped gym with cardio, weights and functional training areas, three Pilates reformer studios, three studios for Pilates, TRX, MOTR, aerial yoga, and ballet classes, a physical therapy gym, a flexi-space and a recreational lounge for events.

Core Collective also provides a continuing education program for residents who want to expand their knowledge or qualify in a new field. Spearheaded by Yong, the program represents Core Collective’s mission to foster entrepreneurship and facilitate the sharing of knowledge across industries.

Image: Core Collective

“For startups, and those looking to have a presence in multiple locations, Core Collective provides a great solution. But, importantly, in addition to the shared spaces and shared costs of running a business, residents receive the support of a community of fitness and wellness professionals,” describes Yong.

“Residents need to have a good resume and track record in their respective specialisations. Our community believes that fitness should not exist without wellness and vice-versa and that this integration within one space makes Core Collective everybody’s second home.”

Core Collective is the Aurum Group’s first move into the health and fitness sector. With divisions including Aurum Land and Aurum Investments, the group opened Collision 8 in 2016, a co-working space and innovation hub in downtown Singapore.

The success of Collision 8 inspired the Core Collective concept, and led Aurum to determine its new direction as “a space and business innovator with a focus on the future of people”.

Yong explains that Core Collective won’t be a one-of-a-kind initiative for very long. “Our plan is to increase the number of Core Collective locations locally to two or three in the next two years. Our three-year plan is to move outside of Singapore to either Hong Kong or Thailand, and the five-year plan sees us moving into the US, Europe and also Australia.”

“Core Collective is built on a philosophy of care. It is not just about our residents providing care to our members, but also about building a community of members who care deeply about their holistic wellbeing. Core Collective is here to provide better continuity of care and a more integrated fitness and wellness experience for our community.”


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