Plenish Pushes Innovation With The Launch Of Probiotic Water Range

LONDON, United Kingdom  Plenish, a leader in organic cold pressed juices, is launching the UK’s first organic probiotic drink outside the dairy category.

The innovative drink contains organic pressed juice, water and one billion bioactive cultures proven to aid digestion. Plenish WATER+ has absolutely no additives, preservatives or sweeteners and is designed to improve gut health, a concern that is becoming increasingly important to informed consumers, who are seeking out products that care for their digestive health.

“We wanted to offer a delicious, low sugar and hydrating drink that has the added benefit of a vegan probiotic,” founder Kara Rosen told Welltodo.

“It’s a great product for the busy, modern consumer who values their health, and is looking for a refreshing, delicious drink that is natural and low in calories.”

Available in three variants including Lime Cucumber, Pineapple Ginger and Blueberry Pear, the range, priced at at £2.29 for 330ml, can be found in Waitrose across the UK as well as, sitting alongside the brand’s popular cold pressed juice and cleanse products.

Launched in 2012, Plenish has grown by approximately 300 percent per year. The startup, which has fought off competition from hoards of new entrants in the market, thanks largely to its ongoing distribution in Waitrose, currently sits as one of the leaders in the British cold pressed juice category.

With innovation a key part of the brand’s business strategy, it’s no surprise that WATER+ marks the third new product to be debuted by the company this year.

Launching a new almond milk and cashew milk during the first half of the year, Rosen revealed how the company’s innovative approach is largely inspired by consumer demands.

“Because the direct to consumer business is a huge part of our DNA, we talk to clients daily, try to understand their needs and create products that answer those needs,” she explained.

As a contemporary wellness brand creating smart products for smart people, Plenish is currently working on scaling the business through more accessible distribution, and while the dairy-free market enters a stage of transition, focusing on innovation within the category is a smart move.

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Globally, the dairy-free alternatives market is predicted to reach $19.5 billion by 2020, as one in four households purchase dairy-free products. And as the industry continues to grow, Plenish plans on sustaining its own growth by evolving alongside it.
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