Ian McCaig, Co-founder of Fiit


Founded in 2017, Fiit is a pioneer of modern digital fitness and known for its highly efficient and flexible workout programmes.

But driven by the pandemic, co-founder Ian McCaig is dedicated to helping other operators across the fitness industry, telecom, hospitality and more create a hybrid fitness experience. Set for a big year, Ian shares Fiit’s plans for new partnerships and new technology, including gamified connected studios.

How are you aligning with a more holistic-minded consumer?

Ian McCaig: At Fiit, our approach revolves around understanding and catering to individuals embracing a holistic view of well-being. Our motto – “Train. Recover. Progress. Repeat” – signifies how our offering isn’t solely focused on intense workouts. Instead, we aim to foster a balanced lifestyle that supports mental and emotional health in addition to physical fitness.

With over 2K+ workouts and 40+ training plans led by world-class trainers, we guide our community towards improved performance.

Complementing exercise, collaborations with Vitality, YuLife, Myprotein, Green Chef, and HelloFresh demonstrate how we aim to provide holistic wellness solutions to our community.

Acknowledging the financial barriers to fitness, we responded earlier this year by launching a free version of the Fiit app, indefinitely removing the requirement for a subscription. This unlocks our schedule of workouts across a range of disciplines – with 40+ classes scheduled per day, seven days a week – for all users.

Ultimately, our goal extends beyond aiding our community in achieving fitness goals. We’re focused on supporting our members in fostering a lifestyle that prioritises overall wellness, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in our approach.

How do shifting consumer preferences shape your offering?

IM: A direct response to the pandemic, we were quick to pick up on both a shift in at-home fitness enthusiasts escalating their routines and also observed gym members temporarily shifting to digital fitness apps.

Now, post-pandemic, an “expectation gap” has emerged. Similar to hybrid working, consumers expect flexibility in how and where they workout. They want the convenience of exercising wherever and however they choose, with a more efficient and balanced approach.

The desire for a unified platform that seamlessly connects, enables competition, tracks progression and assists in achieving fitness goals has also become an expectation. And we’re primed to provide the tools and tech to cater to both professional and fitness sectors to support this hybrid model.

Our open ecosystem strategy further supports flexibility. By enabling the app to integrate with marketing-leading hardware such as Assault Fitness, Keiser and Concept2, we’re able to create a truly connected experience with live stats shown on screen, both at home and in the gym.

Enhancing the overall member experience is also a must. With our collaborations with gym partners, notably The Gym Group, which includes a Fiit subscription included in their Unlimited membership at no additional cost, we’re enabling access to Fiit digitally and IRL.

Interestingly, we’ve witnessed a growing trend there – an even 50/50 split among members are engaging in Fiit workouts both at home and in the gym. But, members tailor their preferences based on location – opting for yoga and mindful classes at home and more cardio-based workouts in the gym.

Additionally, committed to providing versatile experiences to our partners, our first Fiit Virtual Studio at The Gym Group at Oxford Circus offers scheduled group classes accessible from home or in the gym, encouraging interaction through leaderboards for a gamified experience.

How do you approach marketing and growth efforts to reach more consumers?

IM: We leverage our strength in crafting world-class content to turn our product, members and partners into our most influential marketing channels.

Our evolution into a platform-centric model enables us to adopt a partner-first approach, and while we may not possess the reach of Apple, Nike, lululemon or Gymshark, partnerships are the bedrock of our growth strategy.

With this, we will soon announce a suite of updated partner solutions, including Branded Teams, Branded Challenges, Burn To Earn and Timetables. These will allow us to seek collaborations that align with our values whilst allowing us to reach new audiences and provide added value.

Not understated, authenticity remains key in our branding, so we highlight real user stories and partner case studies, spotlighting the tangible benefits of using Fiit or the integration of real digital solutions into the business.

Existing collaborations with Sky (with whom Fiit was the first-ever fitness streaming partner), along with Samsung in the UK and Ireland, Amazon FireTV and Comcast, underline the importance of this authenticity in our marketing.

Operating in over 175+ markets, we remain agile in exploring new markets, leveraging our own internal data to better the experience for our users whilst tailoring our marketing strategies accordingly.

What developments are on the six-month roadmap?

IM: Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited to soon unveil our reimagined Fiit Platform – a global, all-in-one platform tailored for brands and gyms, plus residential, corporate, hospitality and education providers. It’s designed to better enable business and fitness professionals to deliver the best training to their community – anytime, anywhere.

We also have several new telecom partnerships set to go live in the new year, along with a suite of new partners coming on board. Our goal is to be a central platform that enables businesses, employees and customers to train together at the highest-level training seamlessly.

A new offering, multiple interactive and connected Virtual Studios will be launched in the new year, in both gyms and residential buildings across the UK. Merging gamification into the gym floor experience, studio operators will be able to build their own bespoke schedule of digitally connected, multi-modality group workouts throughout the day.

Providing true flexibility, members can join the workout from their “home space” or attend in the studio, creating a genuine hybrid, connected experience. This is just the beginning, and it paves the way for future gym operators who champion digital practices.

Plus, we have several new Training Plans set to launch, with Bike, Mobility, Row, and Tread all set for release.

What consumer trends are you most excited about in 2024 & beyond?

IM: There are a few trends we’re excited about, and seizing.

Hybrid fitness. Gym operators now recognise that digital is no longer a “nice to have”; it’s a strategic imperative for 2024. Putting 100 workouts into an app is not a digital strategy.

Consumers expect variety, convenience and engaging ways to work out both at home and in the gym. The emphasis lies on delivering a frictionless solution adaptable to diverse settings, and operators with seamless integrations are poised for success over the next 12 to 18 months.

Digital meets physical. From boutiques to budget gyms, there’s a growing need to deliver high-quality training without big investments.

Fiit’s digital offering isn’t about replacing in-person experiences but complementing existing principles. Through the launch of Fiit Virtual Studios – and soon to come, Fiit Live – we’re setting the new standard of connected group experiences in a cost-effective way, plus an on-demand offering for increased flexibility in and out of the gym.

Generation Active. Gen Z is redefining the traditional gym model: They engage in more frequent training, have higher expectations of what a gym should provide and actively seek digitally enabled experiences.

They’re more inclined to attend group classes, particularly functional workouts, contrasting with the traditional setup of a gym. In response, over the next three years, I anticipate we will see much more accelerated change – underpinned by digital initiatives – from operators than we have over the last three decades.

Fitness racing. Previously dominated by elite events like marathons, IRONMAN, and CrossFit, a new segment of fitness racing is set to explode.

We’re witnessing a growing popularity in events like HYROX, for which we have bespoke Training Plans on Fiit for, signalling a shift towards more accessible and inclusive fitness competitions.

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