Tim West, Co-Founder and Managing Director of UBX


In this Q&A you’ll hear from Tim West, co-founder and managing director of boxing fitness franchise UBX. Tim shares last year’s expansion successes and goal of hitting 500 locations by 2028. We also cover how the concept taps into holistic health trends and why the team is constantly innovating to deliver personalised experiences.

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Tim West: As we step into 2024, UBX is riding the momentum of our biggest year yet. Over the last 12 months, we focused on building our infrastructure and forging strong partnerships, laying a solid foundation for global expansion.

We’ve seen our existing markets reinvigorated and have successfully opened our first locations in the UK, Ireland, Japan and the US. This expansion brings our presence to over 100 locations across seven countries, keeping us on track to reach our goal of over 500 locations by 2028.

Throughout the year, our team secured strategic partnerships to enhance our global reach and provide unique experiences to our network. We partnered with adidas, becoming their largest boxing partner globally, and also with Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal on the release of Creed III in Australia and New Zealand, delivering a Creed-themed workout for our members.

We also launched Extended Access, which provides members with 24-hour facility access, and it has been a game-changer. We’ve already implemented it across 50% of our network, and we’re looking to reach 100% by the end of Q1 2024.

How are you aligning with a more holistic-minded consumer?

TW: At UBX, we’re committed to the holistic health trend, focusing not only on physical fitness but also on enhancing mental resilience and reducing stress.

Our approach integrates physical and mental well-being, offering a balanced solution that resonates with the growing consumer interest in comprehensive health practices.

How are you engaging members?

TW: UBX stands out with its unique combination of boxing and strength training, offering comprehensive skill development and convenience through our hybrid access model.

We engage members by focusing on skill acquisition and progression, ensuring they find value in every session. This emphasis on both usage and value is key to driving strong member retention.

How are you approaching expansion?

TW: For expansion into new markets, we prioritise regions with an existing interest in boxing and a developed boutique fitness sector.

Our strategy revolves around partnering with master franchisees who have a proven track record in franchising operations. We prioritise quality over quantity in selecting franchisees, ensuring strong club performance, high ROI, franchise reinvestment and advocacy, leading to compounding network growth.

What developments are on the roadmap for the next six months?

TW: After laying a solid foundation in 2023, our focus for the next six months is on optimisation, growth and exploring new markets. We’re particularly focused on expanding in the US, eyeing opportunities that align with our vision and values.

Key initiatives include the continued rollout of Extended Access, aiming for full network coverage by June, and launching our first collaborations with adidas Boxing. These initiatives are geared towards boosting club revenue, with Extended Access alone showing a 15% increase in recurring revenue in our pilot phase.

What consumer trends are you most excited about in 2024 & beyond?

TW: The trend that really excites me for 2024 and beyond is personalisation in fitness. At UBX, we’re already at the forefront of this trend, offering our members unparalleled flexibility and customisation in their workouts.

Through our hybrid model, members can choose from coached or screen-led in-person classes, or digital on-demand workouts. They can also select workout start times and duration ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. This level of personalisation caters to individual preferences and schedules, ensuring a more engaging and effective fitness experience.

This year, we plan to enhance this personalisation aspect and leverage our AI-enabled smart club technology to better track, monitor and meet members’ unique goals. This approach aligns with the evolving expectations of our members and reinforces our commitment to providing individualised fitness journeys for everyone at UBX.

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